Today, technology has taken us much further. Now, we have smart phones, smart Tv, and even smart cars. But, there is a special thing among them. That thing is Tablet. Tablet which is a larger version of a smart phone.

If you ask, why Tablet is important? Then, I have the answer.

The smartphones are great, but their power and productivity is limited to their screen. While laptop has greater screen, but they are heavy to carry and difficult to use in a crowded area.

All of these anomalies are taken care in Tablets. Tablets have power and they also have bigger screen. So, a user can easily do its work easily like typing, watching videos, doing video chat and some other things. It is also very easy to browse the internet on the Tablet.

The first generation of Tablets did not have a calling feature. That means the only option for their connectivity was, Wifi. The researchers understood the need for the calling feature in the Tablets. So, they made it available to the next generation of Tablets.

Tablets can do our many works and they also easy to carry. But they required some extra care and maintenance.

As we know that most of the tablets available does not have a Corning Gorilla Glass. That means, their screen can be easily damaged. To avoid that, we should use some type of screen guard or screen temper.

Other than that, we should charge them for a perfect time. Overcharging the Tablet can lead to battery damage and poor performance of the phone. So, using the charger for a definitive amount of time will increase the life of your tablet.

The body of the Tablet is also made from the small transistors and various other equipment. They are very delicate and even a single drop or shock to the body can make a much harm to the device. To avoid that, you should use some time of protector. You can use, bumper guard, back panel, or some other type of protective case.

The operating system of the Tablet is a complex system. You should not play with it. By playing, I mean you should not do something, that will harm it. For example, if you install an app which has virus or trojans then your Tablet’s operating system will be deeply affected.

To avoid that, always download the apps from the play store. Do not install the app from third party sources. Before installing the app, read its comments and ratings.

So, that’s all on Handling and Maintenance of the calling Tablet.

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