On 9th and 10th February, I attendant the IAMAI Digital summit which took place in The Lalit, Delhi. Now, there were many things to offer by the IAMAI. Since IAMAI is greatly focuses on tech and mobile startups and other such things, so there was many things which were very interesting.

IAMAI – Indian Digital Summit Delhi

This summit has the industries most successful business man. There were four rooms in which different scenarios were going on in parallel to each other. So, I attended the one which focuses on Startups and how to hire smartly.

Although, I am not that into business but I do like to know more about the startups and all the other important things.

One of the famous persons who was there was, Mr. Sandeep who is the founder of Droom. He is also the founder of ShopClues which is one of the biggest eCommerece website. He told us that how the initial team is very important when you are starting a business. He shared his story about, how he brought his team from other countries. And, those people helped him in building the ShopClues.

The MD of InternetFunds also has the same philosophy. He said that when you hire someone then always discuss it with your team. I mean, he said that never take the complete decision, always discuss it with your team.

Mr. Sumit the CoFounder of GiftXoXo said that the, first set of people you hire must be the best. He meant that, the first set of people for the job must be honest and loyal to you.

Mr. Adhil shared some of the things from his past experience. Mr. Adhil is the founder of Bank Bazaar and most of the things that this site do is, interacting with the consumer on the internet. He said that, if you do not engage with the customer, then you might lose him. So, for him Engagement is the key to a better business.

Also, there were many great things when you are facing a tough competition. Mr. Nikhil, who is the founder of Credr said that, your product differentiate you from your competition. That clearly means that, if your product is good that no matter who your competition is, you will take the profit.

I also saw many startups there. One of them was KarmaCircles. It is a very interesting startups which is following the Quora like techniques. In this, you can ask about your problem from the industry experts. I mean, literally the industry experts. Here, many industry experts are already registered and they will share their knowledge with you for free.

So, overall it was a great experience. I am also embedding the Tweets which I made while I was in the Summit.

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