There were times when I felt lonely. That time all I felt was loneliness and depression. Those were the times which I do not want to remember. Right now, I have a good life but some months ago, it wasn’t like that.

That time, I was studying in 8th semester of my college. There was a problem with 8th semester. The problem was that, no one came to college anymore. All of my friends were sitting in their home and was preparing for higher degree.

I don’t know about them but after some time, I started to feel very lonely. I did have some friends who lived near to my house, but all of them were too busy.

Even my best friend did not get the time to meet me because he was spending all that time with his new girlfriend. Whenever I told him to meet me, he answered me to meet on the next day. So, basically the “next day” never came. In that time, I was spending more than 8 hours of my day in front of the computer screen. Even my parents were worried about me. They always suggested me to go outside the house and get some fresh air.

The loneliness wasn’t the only problem for me. Till that time, most of my friends were placed in good companies. But, I was the one who couldn’t get accepted into any company. So, that tension was also building in my mind. Basically, I got so much load on my mind and there was no one to which, I can share those thoughts.

Then one day on Facebook, I got a message. This was from a girl who was used to study with me in the tuition, while I was in school. Her name was Niti and I liked her too much. That message gave me very much joy. In the conversation, I suggested that we should meet, to which she agreed.

The next day I went to meet her. I was very happy since it had been more than six years. We were meeting at a mall and I got there a little early. Then she came and she was looking very pretty. Then she told me that, recently her mother had died and she now live with her brother.

That was a very sad news and I felt very bad for her. After that, we talked for a long time. Then, I took her to a fancy restaurant and we got a good lunch. We remembered the old days, when we were studying in the coaching classes.

That were the time when, I was feeling really great after a long time. After the lunch, I told her everything that was happening with me. I told her that I was lonely and there was no one who listened to me. Then she said that she would always be there for me.

That answer filled me with optimism. All of my thoughts were clear, I could feel the freshness in my mind. I came home and started studying and in the next week I got the placement.

But all of this will not happen if I have not spent the day with Niti. She was the one who filled me with hope and gave me strength to face the upcoming challenges.

Just like I believed in Niti and got the optimism. Housing also believed in the power of optimism, So check them out as well.



Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma


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