I have a car which is Maruti 800. It is too old and, I don’t think it will last much longer. It has started giving me troubles. Such as yesterday, it stopped in the middle of the road. I can’t use it anymore and I need a better car to do my work.

As I don’t have enough money to buy a new car, plus there will be a waiting time even if I order a new car.

A friend of mine told me about Quikr Nxt. This is a marketplace, where a seller meets the buyer. So, this will be the place, where I can sell my old car and get a new car.

So, I have done all the things and here, I am posting my experience.

First, I downloaded the Quikr NXT app on my Android Phone. Then to sell my car, I need to post an ad so that other people can watch it.

After downloading the app, I selected my city and click on the create ad button. There, I put my info such as my name and my phone number. After filling all my details, now I have to post a description of the car.

I selected the car model from the drop down menu. I wrote a good description over there. After that, it required some photos of my car. So, I went outside and clicked some pics of my car. After that, I put them into the ad and posted the ad.

The best thing about Quikr NXT is, they don’t reveal yours phone number. The buyer can communicate with you through the messaging app of Quikr NXT.

After posting my ad, I got some replies of some users. After a small talk, the buyer was satisfied. I posted the ad in the morning, and in the evening my car was sold.

After that, I got the money and I know the place from where I can buy a new car. So, I went to Quikr again but this time as a buyer.

First, it shows me popular brands which are on sale on Quikr. I chose Honda from them. After that, it shows me a long list of ads of cars, which were on sale.

I applied some filter over there to show only those cars which are available in my city. Then, I applied some more filter to show the cars which belong to my price range. After that, there were some cars which I liked. So, I contacted each buyer to complete the deal.

I also negotiate the price a little bit so that, I can buy some more accessories of my car. The buyer accepted the deal and the next day I got a new car with some extra accessories.

So, forget all, those troubles you have when you try to sell and buy a second-hand car.

Go to Quikr NXT and try it yourself to see, how convenient is to sell and buy a car on Quikr.

That’s all in my experience if you have a similar experience then post them in the comments.

Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma


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