I have lost my contacts please message me your name with your number. I have seen many times people updating their facebook status as they have lost their contacts and the next part of the status says that please inbox me your number. Now that’s the real dumbest thing if you are having  a smartphone and you have lost all your contacts.

Today every phone has backup solution for almost everything. And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything the backup will be taken automatically.

Every smartphone has these features and still you say that you have lost your contacts :p

Now I am going to tell you, what you can do to avoid being one of the dumbest people of the new generation.

I have lost my contacts – How to solve this problem

There are many operating system on the phone right now that leads us to many solution. Here I am only gonna talk about the three which are currently dominating the mobile Operating System right now. And they are Android, IOS, Windows Phone.

The best part of these operating system is that, they all come with online storage.

With Android you have to sign in with your gmail account from where you get the Google Drive which have a space of 15 Gb.

Windows Phone which come up with the latest One Drive which have a capacity of 7 Gb + 5 Gb more when you start the photos backup.

IOS which is used in Iphone which has iCloud which has the lowest space of all three. It comes with a space of 5 Gb.

I have Lost My Contacts in Android

First of all never save your contacts in the phone memory. That means never use android phone without signing in with your gmail account.

After that if you are using a signed in Android phone then all the contacts will automatically save into email account.

So that the next time you format your phone or reset it, you just have to sign in with that id and all the contacts will came back.

Recently Google has also launched its service to take back up of the photos and videos into your phone.

But there is a thing which I don’t like about the Google backup. That it will backup all the videos and photos of the phone whether they are taken from camera or not.

So, You have to manually unselect the folder from which you don’t want the backup should be taken.

I have lost my contact in IOS

Same goes for IOS you should never ever use any phone without signing in. After you have created an Apple id then go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.

And then switch on the icloud backup if its off. Then click on the Backup Now button to take instant backup.

After that when you reset your phone or setting up a new phone then the start up assistant ask you for the restoration from the Icloud just select it and enter your email id and password.

If you want to have your backup in Itunes instead of Icloud then that can work as well.

For back up using Itunes make sure that your computer have the latest version of the Itunes. Then connect your device to your computer.

Then Choose File > Devices > Back up, it can also be done by syncing your Ios device with the Itunes.

Now which method you should choose to back up in IOS :

With Itunes you have to physically connect your phone to your computer. And if you are far away from your computer then restore can’t be done.

But in the case of Icloud you can restore your phone from anywhere, and since its a wireless service you would not need any physical connection.

I have lost my contacts in Windows Phone

I have used Android, IOS and Windows Phone and by far I like the Windows Phone most. The best part is the syncing will always be on, means if you are adding a contact when you are offline then as soon as you go online the contact will be updated on the email list as well.

More to that if you linked your live id to facebook and to twitter then it will automatically fetches the Contact info with their Wall photos. In both android and in IOS you need a separate app to do this.

The photo you have taken will automatically uploaded to the one drive and with the one drive you will get extra 5 Gb space just for taking backup of your phone.

And there is also a thing I like about the Windows Phone that it will only take the backup of the photos, the video backup will be taken if you prompted it to that so.

So for restoration in Windows Phone, while setting up the phone just enter your live id and that’s it all the things will be taken care by the windows phone.

Ok guys that’s all on I have lost my contacts and please don’t be one of those dumbest people.

I have lost my contacts

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