Hi guys I am back with how to use keyword planner to plan your keywords. Google’s algorithm is just like a maze, no one understand that. But to get better result from Google it is better that we use keywords which are low in competition. Keyword plays a vital role in on page as well as off page SEO. They are key factors for bringing you the traffic you need.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google but only few can get the spot. And they are the bigger which are dominating the internet. Now if you think you can directly challenge them and win the war then its nothing more than a suicide. Because your blog can’t compete them.

Think of your self as a small fish and them as big whale, and they are getting in your way. So it doesn’t matter them that how are you hitting them. So, instead of fighting them to get away from the way we can choose a different course to reach our destination. In that way we will get what we want and we don’t need to fight with anyone.

We have to choose the keyword which are having good monthly search and having low competition.

There are many tools available on the internet to for the keyword planning but here I am gonna use the famous Google Adword Keyword Planner.

I am not gonna write any further things which are not required to use this tool like other blogs. Its just the method on How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword.

How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword

For using this you must have the Google Gmail account.

So first go to adword keyword planner you will see something like this.

After that you have to login again into your account. Just give them your password

So here is the main thing starts.

How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword


Here you have to click on the first option to get the info about the keyword, and other related ideas.

Or you if you have a large list of keywords for your article then keep them in a document and upload the entire document using the second option.

How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword


Now think about your article and think what should be the keyword that define your article.

Remember that long keyword are more preferable because it will decrease competition.

Here I am searching for “How to create a blog”

After submitting that search query I get the below results.

How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword


These bars are showing the average monthly searches for this term. As we can see that it is a highly searchable item on the internet.

That means if you optimize your page for this than you will get regular traffic from the Google.

How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword


The above are the keyword’s idea that Google gave to me. Now the first column indicates the average monthly searches, and the next one shows the competition for this query.

Now  I have to select the one which has more number of searches per month and less competition.

So I can select the term “how to create a blog” which is having 3600 average searches per month and also has low competition.

But this is just a supposition, your words will be different and then you have to decide with which term you are going to use.

Always use long term queries and select the one which is having a decent Average search/ Competition Ratio.

Now there are still things left on which the search listing depends. For example – Domain Authority, Page authority, Autrhor’s rating etc.

That’s all on How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword.

What if The average search of the keyword is very low for my article :

If that’s the case then there are still many sources of traffic.

  • You can use the Social Media network to get the traffic. 
  • You can join bloggers network such as Blogengage, Indiblogger etc.
  • By commenting on those sites which have ComLuv installed.
  • Submitting the article on Digg, Reditt, Stumbleupon and on Kingged.

As I told you above that I am only gonna show How to use keyword planner to plan your keyword, I am not going further with more theories and other crap which just increase the length of this article. So in short :

Adwords TechnoCR

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