Hello Everyone, here I am again with How to use GitHub. I am guessing if you are a developer or going to be developer then you must have heard about it.

I am a developer as well and recently my friend told me about this. Well first I thought why would I need such type of thing but when I started using this and after that I recommend it to everyone else.

Now to tell you what is Git and how to use the GitHub, first I need to tell you about the VCS.

VCS is an acronym used for Version Control System. You know when professional developers, made something they provide it a version. It basically an indicator which tells the user that how many times this product was updated, what is the change in it from previous versions and some other things.

So why am I telling you all this ?

I am telling you all this because before learning “How to use GitHub“, you should know that “What is GitHub“.

You know when we start developing at the beginner level we never care about work. I mean if I created an app and I want some changes in it then instead of making a different copy, I will edit the original one.

But what if I have done a mistake after editing them. And that mistake is undetectable. Then my whole work will be lost and I have to start from the scratch again. And this type of thing has recently happened with me. As I was working on an Android Project and due to some bug in the Eclipse I lost all of my work which I have done from the past 3 months. So I don’t want that you guys also have the same fate as I do.

To avoid this we use VCS or Version Control System through which we can save our whole work in different pacakges. That means in the above example if I was using the VCS then my problem will be solved easily.

So those programmers like me who don’t use the VCS  and some other things are known as “Cowboy Coders“. Not because, they look like them or wear a hat. Its because they do not follow the rules of Software Engineering. And they really have a certain disadvantage while doing so.

So coming to the point Git is a Version Control System which helps you to save your work when you do a change in them and solve some of your problem. The place where we store are work in Git is know as “Repository“.

Well the help of Git the major three problems will be solved. These are also its features as well.  So I have written below some example that might be the problems for developers.

Why Use a VCS (Version Control System)

1. VCS : Version Control is must for a developer. Let assume that you are a developer and a client gave you a work to develop a web application. You created the app and mailed him.

Now he doesn’t like that app and gave you some changes to do. You do that and mailed again to the client. But now he wants some more changes, and you do that as well and mailed him.

But some how he changes his mind and now he wants the original web app you developed. Now what ?

This is a problem that can easily be solve by a VCS. With that you can easily provide him the first version since it was saved as a seperate project.

2. Branching : Now keeping the previous example alive. This time that client likes the final app but he tolds you that he want to see what happenes if the these changes were made on the second version.

This is another feature of VCS with that you can use it branching feature. Which means that all of your work can be edited and will be saved in the repository as a branch. And you can able to make more branches as well.

3. Merging : What happens if the same client hires 5 more developers other than  you and give them separate task and he wants the whole project to be assembled into one. You may contact each other but merging all of their work would be one heck of a deal and what if there are 50 or 500 persons doing the work. So in that case VCS will come to our help. Since all the data can be accessible by anyone and stored on a remote server then all the developers could develop at the same time.

Well these are the main features of Git. Now I told you that this post is about GitHub so lets start with that now.

Oh! But there is a thing I forgot to tell you.  Git and GitHub is completely different. Git  is a VCS that is created by Linus Torvalds and I am thinking you must have heard this name. If you don’t then he is the creator of LINUX. I mean he is a ROCKSTAR among the engineers.

So GIT is completely different from GitHub, if you want to learn Git then click below the Treehouse banner and take your first month free. They have an ultimate course of using Git and here I am providing you GitHub Tutorials.

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What is GitHub ?

GitHub is hosting service for repository in which you can save a repository and share it as well. It is also known as the social networking site for developers. Means Git is a Version Control System which save our data on repositories and GitHub is the place where these repository can be stored.

Now a days most of the company are wanting that applicant must have a working project on GitHub. Through that company can verify its works and project and then it would be easy to hire him.

GitHub has a very clear structure and you don’t even need an account if you want to see or download some repository. But if you wanna make your repository then you need an account.

Repository are of two types in  GitHub :

1. Public : Public repository are those which can be accessed by anyone on the internet and they are completely free and you can make as many public repository as you want.

2. Private : Private repository are those which can only be accessed by you. Isn’t that an advantage but it comes as a price. GitHub also offers paid account and only those with private can create the private repository. I have pasted below their pricing table.

GitHub Tutorials - GitHub Pricing

Now to start with GitHub you should make an account first. So go to GitHub and create an account its easy and free.

Then the next step would be is to download Github Application. So download the GitHub for Windows or GitHub for Mac from here.

Now after you install them, you will see two icons on your desktop and they are :

1. Git Shell : – Which is a shell application or you can say it is the Git it self. This is a command prompt shell that means there is no GUI (Graphical User Interface). So when you are starting using Git then I would suggest you to ignore this and use the GUI application instead.

2. GitHub : – GitHub is the app we are gonna use to make our repository and save the data in it. Basically it is the GUI platform that can be used to access the GitHub and has the functionality of the Git.

Lets start the steps to use the GitHub as our VCS :

How to use GitHub App for Windows/Mac

1. First when you start the app you should see a blank scree saying that there is no repository to show you. Now you need to sign  in this app using your GitHub Account. So for that click on the setting button situated in the upper right corner of that app.

GitHub Tutorial for Beginners


2. In the option menu you will see a message that there is no account is associated with this app. So to add a GitHub account click on the “Add Account” button.

GitHub Tutorial for Beginners


3. Now add your user name of the GitHub or the email associated with GitHub with its password and click “Log in“.

GitHub Tutorial for Beginners


4. Since log in is done then lets create a repository. Click on the upper left PLUS icon to add one. Provide a local path to it and a name and then click “Create repository“.GitHub Tutorial for Beginners


5. After that a repository will be created and two files will be added into it. Don’t worry these are the files added by app itself it won’t harm your project.

GitHub Tutorial for Beginners


6. But this repository we just created is still in our local storage. So to make this repository available on GitHub Server or on their site we have to publish it . Now name this repository anything you want, but it would be best to use the same name as on our local storage. As you can see below you will see a check button for “Private Repository“. As I explained you above the difference between the private and public repository so I don’t think I need to do that again.

I have their Micro plan which is costing me 7$/Month so I can make 5 private repository. So I don’t whether this check box came in the free plan or not.

how to use GitHub


So that’s it we create a repository and whatever changes you will do now will be tracked and saved to your repository. To show you how the changes is saved, I am using one of my previous project. As you can see below this is my project and in the upper right a tab is saying that Uncommitted Changes. By this they means those files in which some changes have been occurred but they are not saved to the GitHub Server.

how to use GitHub


7. As you can see below it is only showing three files in which I have made some changes. That means instead of uploading all the project it will only upload these three files only. You have to specify the summary and description as well to commit these files.

how to use GitHub


8. There is a button with an arrow in the upper left corner which says “master“, and I think if you noticed that you must be thinking what is that. Well this is stating that this is the master branch of the project. That means we are working on the original path we have started. But what if we need a branch from a specific steps. In that case just click this and add a branch and name it something you want.

how to use GitHub


That is all on GitHub App steps to create repository

What more can GitHub do for you ?

The features of GitHub isn’t over yet there is still more :

1.PULL :- This is a feature of GitHub using which you can obtain any private repository in your local computer. They can be self made project by others or by your team. You can use their project or make an enhancement in  them and show them to another persons.

2. SOCIAL : – I think I told you that above that GitHub is said to be the Social Networks of Developers so I think you should have seen this coming. Just like other social networks here you can interact with other developers, follow them or favorite their project.

There is also a cool feature in the GitHub which is “Watch” feature. With this you can add any public repository to watch and then whenever the user made a change in that, it will be shown into your dashboard.

3. FORK : – Fork is a feature of GitHub that allow us to copy a repository and add our own functionality in it. To understand this you can try this example :

Go to Octocat Spoon Knife Project and in the upper right corner there will be a button named as “FORK“. Click on it, after that in the side bar you should see a button “Clone in Desktop“.

how to use GitHub


After that you will see that it a box will appear which is asking for permission to launch an app. Just click on launch and you will see the GitHub will be opened and it will be asking for a path to save the file. After you specify the path, the repository will be downloaded and will be available in the GitHub application.

how to use GitHub


So that’s all on how to use GitHub.

If you got any doubt on “How to use GitHub” kindly ping me in the comments and I will try to sort them out.

And if it is not much to ask, then give this a share as well 🙂 .

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