Hi guys, today’s topis is how to surf web anonymously. First of all you should know that the Govt. Agencies is always collecting your data, even your personal messages, emails, video hangouts etc. so to fooled them you can surf anonymously. Also there are some sites which are banned in your country and some offers which are not available in your country. You can use this.

How to surf web anonymously:

1.Using Web proxies site: Using web proxies sites is good way to surf anonymously. What they do is, they hide your real ip and gives you fake address. But it also have some disadvantage. Most of the web proxies sites are premium types and hence they give slow speed for free users. And it also have a disadvantage that most of the sites you visits using this method will know that you are using proxy. But it still a good choice because it does not involve any type of procedure. You just have to open the site and start surfing. I am also providing you a list of 95 such websites you can use to surf anonymously.

95 Best Web Proxy websites.

How to surf web anonymously



2. Using IP Hiding Software such as hide my ip: Don’t know about others but I like these software pretty much. The good thing about these softwares that when you used these no browser or website can tell you that you are using an proxy or you are hiding your ip. Now There are many softwares such as hide my ip, mask my ip, hide me etc. Now the disadvantages of them is that none of them is free. You can use them for a trial period but in that period they will provide you the ip of two countries which is USA and England. And when you use them in trial period your surfing speed will be very slow. There is a one more thing that sometimes the browser don’t catch the ip they provided and hence won’t hide your ip. Here I am providing Hide my ip trial version download it from below button.

How to surf web anonymously dwnbut


3. Using TOR Browser(The Onion Root): This is the best method to surf the web anonymously. Best is because it is completely free and completely undetectable. Yes, TOR is almost undetectable means you can surf a website but no one will ever get to know your location. And most of that there is no trial or premium shit in this method. Another thing is this that TOR doesn’t require you to install it in your system. You just have to download it and start surfing. And it is the only thing that can give you an access to deep web or deep net. To know more about deep web or deep net :


What is deep web or deep net.

Now the disadvantages part, its main disadvantage is that it is very slow. Another thing is that many website will make you fill some captcha because they will think that you are a bot. I am giving you the link to download TOR from its official site.



That’s all for how to surf web anonymously:

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