Hey guys, Today I am gonna tell you How to setup Twitter Cards in WordPress in less than 5 minutes. So here we are again talking about the Twitter, yes the most famous social networking site which comes after Facebook. Now as you know that just like the Facebook page a Twitter account is also necessary. Well if you ask why then there are lots of reason.

How to Setup Twitter Cards in WordPress But Why would I do that ?

The main reason to do this is to bring more traffic to your blog but if you wanna as how this would work then read below.

If you have posted something to Facebook or to Google Plus then you will see that the featured image or any of the image with a snippet automatically came to the post. Now this will be done if you are using SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack. Since they both do not required any additional settings. Just installing the plugin will do all the work, but in case of Twitter Cards this is a pretty complex process.

To use Twitter Cards first you have to put their code into your page, and then validate it and then apply for it. So its a long process but its worth it since a study says that Twitter Cards links are more likely to be clicked rather than simple Tweets.

Now I have tried using Yoast and All in One SEO Pack to use the Twitter cards but they won’t work in my case. But I have found an another plugin with another method to setup the Twitter Cards in less than 5 minutes. That’s why I am writning this post to tell you how to setup Twitter account in WordPress in 5 minutes.

How to Setup Twitter Cards in less than 5 minutes in WordPress

1. You need to download the Twitter Cards Meta which is the main ingredient for this process. This is a very good plugin and the best part of this is its ability to auto install the code and its simplicity.

How to setup Twitter cards in WordPress in less than 5 minutes

2. You can download this plugin by downloading and uploading to WordPress or just searching it in the Plugin directory. After the installation, if you are using any caching plugin such as W3 Cache or any other.

3. Then activate the plugin and open the control panel of the plugin from the Setting -> “Twitter Cards Meta” . Here you have to put the official account of the blog or you can choose the author account as well, but that would require a greater process so for now we are only selecting a single account.

How to setup Twitter cards in WordPress in less than 5 minutes

4. Then go to the Twitter cards validator page and enter your account details. Here make sure you are entering the same account which you entered in the plugins.

5. Now choose the Summary Type of cards and leave the other text box as they were. This is because it would be the best choice for a blog Twee.

How to setup Twitter cards in WordPress in less than 5 minutes


6. Click on the second Tab which is “Validate and Apply” and here put a URL of your latest post. It would first check that the entered URL has all the code or not and since we are using that plugin we will have that.  As you can see below, since our account is already verified that’s why we are seeing it.

How to setup Twitter cards in WordPress in less than 5 minutes

7. If everything goes right just as the above steps you will get a button which says apply for the Twitter Cards. Now it says that they would take 48 hours to approve your request but mine was accepted in a minute. As you can see below this would be the post look like on Twitter when you apply the Twitter Cards.

8. Now if you have chosen the “Use Author Account” then you have to apply for Twitter Cards from each of the author Twitter account to setup that.

So that’s all on How to setup Twitter Cards in WordPress.

If you like this procedure or having some problems then you can comment below and I will try to solve your problem.

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