Hi guys, today I am gonna tell you how to run bbm on pc. Well as all knows that last month Blackberry released their famous messenger for android an IOS. But unfortunately only those android device can run it which have android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sand witch). It is also cannot be run on Bluestacks app player as bluestack only has android 2.3. They did not release the android 4.0 for bluestack. But here comes another category in which those persons comes which have a windows phone 🙁 . I am also a part of this category but the below method helps me to run BBM on my pc. This procedure requires to download some tools so if you have a slow internet it might takes 4-5 hours to download them.

How to Run BBM on Pc :- Requirements

  1. You must have JDK (Java development kit) which you can download by clicking here.
  2. You have to download android SDK (Standard Development Kit) which you can download by clicking here.
  3. Its the final piece of the puzzle, you need to download the apk file for the bbm which you can download by clicking here. That’s it now you got all the things let move forward. Below a video tutorial is provided and under that all the steps with pictures are written.


How to Run BBM on pc Procedure:

1.Download and install JDK avoid this step if you already have JDK in your system. 2. Download and extract the SDK (standard development kit) . There will be two folder in there. Open the “eclipse” folder and then run eclipse. 3. A window will came asking about your app, just ignore it and click on the top button a new window will appear, close it after that you will see a window like below in there click on “Android Virtual Device Manager” as shown in the picture.How to run bbm on pc   4. A new window will appear here you have to create a virtual device which is used to run the apk. So click on new and then in a new window you have to fill all the detail. Choose any name, device and target. Choose RAM carefully because it must be greater than 512mb and smaller or equal to 768mb. If you facing some problems or confused then fill the detail as filled in the below picture after filling that click ok

. How to run bbm on pc



5. Now you have to start your emulator, its easy just select the emulator and click start How to run bbm on pc



5. It will start and will show a window like below, now when its loading copy the apk file of bbm you downloaded from the above link and paste it into the directory sdk/platform-tools which is situated in the sdk bundle. How to run bbm on pc

6. Now rename the apk file into “bbm” without quotes and go to the sdk folder. Now hold shift, and while holding shift right click on the platform-tools folder where you pasted the apk. A new and bigger menu will appear. Click on the Open How to run bbm on pc


7. After that a new command prompt window will appear, there you have to write a command which is: adb install bbm.apk *Note that bbm must be the name of the apk. How to run bbm on pc


8. Now all the things are done, when the virtual device emulator starts you can see the bbm in its menu. Just open, register in there and starts chatting with your friends. How to run bbm on pc

That’s all now you know how to run bbm on pc.

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If you got any problem in doing this just comment below the problem.

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