How to recover deleted photos.

How to recover deleted photos.

Hello guys today I am going to tell you how to recover deleted photos from all most all device. No body wants to delete his/her photos as these are the things who will remind us of yesterday. There is a saying as well that a picture is a story of thousand words.

But if accidentally you delete your precious photos then you can recover them. I actually find this solution when this thing happen to me. My family went to a trip and we got lots of photos. After that I put those photos in my computer’s documents and deleted them from my digital camera . Then after some time I forgot to store them in some other place, and installed the windows 8. Due to which the documents folder got deleted and I lost all the pictures. One day my dad asked me about those photos and I told them what happened but they became much upset after hearing the story. So I found this method and used it to successfully recovering my photos from the digital camera.

How to recover deleted photos

How to recover deleted photos – Points to be noted:

  • If a pendrive or external device is formatted many times after deleting those photos then it will be impossible to recover all the images.
  • By these method you can also recover videos and audios as well.
  • If you are recovering photos from digital camera then you must have a card reader. As this process will need to access the camera as a drive. So just put out the memory card from the digital camera and insert it into the card reader.
  • It may be possible that the pictures you obtain will be half corrupted means only half part is can be seen but if that happen it will only happens for 1-2 photos.

How to recover deleted photos procedure:

Step 1. First of all download the cardrecovery software from below and install it in your system. In the package a crack is also provided so just copy the content of the crack and paste it into the cardrecovery directory. You must have administrator privilege to do that.

Step 2. After installing you will see a screen like this. It is the welcome screen of the card recovery software. I know that there are many other software available in the market but I tested 5 software out of which I find that it is much simple and get us better results.

How to recover deleted photos

Step 3. Click on next and you will find out a window as shown in the below image. Here select your drive at which your memory card or the external hard disk is residing. If the directory is internal choose then that in my case the memory is residing in the I drive. After that choose the type of camera or the file type. In my case the camera was of Samsung and I wanted to search was just images

How to recover deleted photos


Step 3. After that you will see the processing will be started. It will take some time but after the process is complete you will see what images you can recover.

How to recover deleted photos



Step 4. After that it will show you all the images that can be recovered. So select all the images you want to save. Just choose the image you want to select and save them.

That’s all now you know how to recover deleted photos. For the software click on the download button.

How to recover deleted photos – Software



It is password protected rar and the password is – censarone

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