Hi guys today I will tell you what is google analytics and how to install google analytics in wordpress. Now before going any further lets discuss what is google analytics.

What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. Well there are many more services which provide these services such as alexa but they are paid services and not as much efficient as google analytics. There is also a premium version of this service is available for a small price.

Google analytics is so effective that it can tell the source of traffic very efficiently. It can track the visitors from all the search engines, direct links or bookmarked links, as well as from email and from pdf as well.

It can also show you how many visitors are currently viewing your site, from which country and state they are, which browser they are using, what is their local language. And it also shows how many page views has been made and how many unique visitors came to visit your site. It also tells how many bounce back visitors are you getting.

Well I think you will understand that how important is it for a wordpress site to installed the google analytics.

For using this service you must have a Google account or gmail account.

How to install google analytics in wordpress.

Now to install google analytics there are two methods available. But before going further first you have to associate your google account with google analytics.

Go to this link and then click on access google analytics. If you are not logged in then it will ask you to sign in.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

Then it will ask for what do you want to track, for this case we will click on website then on Universal Analytics.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

Then it will ask for some basic details about your website, just enter the data and you are done.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

Now after all this things have been done you will be provided a tracking id and a tracking code. So now lets start how to install google analytics in wordpress.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

If you wanna know more about wordpress then click here.

There are two methods for how to install google analytics in wordpress :

Step 1 : By using Plugin (Recommended)

There are many plugins out there which can be used to install google analytics code but the plugin I recommend is

[button link=”http://wordpress.org/plugins/sz-google/” type=”icon” newwindow=”yes”] SZ Google[/button]  this plugin got almost all the google service. Now after installing the plugin you have to go to the configuration and then click on the active module for google analytics. After saving that the SZ Google will show you a new tab in the menu for google analytics, now go there and paste your tracking id.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

And that’s it, google analytics is now installed in your wordpress platform.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

Step 2 : By copy pasting the analytic code

In this method you have to copy the entire code and paste in your theme php file. But that thing can also be a lot easier even easier then the plugin method if you have elegant themes.

[box type=”bio”] According to me the elegant themes are the best, because of their design, their functions and their support. They provide a powerful control panel for each theme and their cost is very low its just 39$ for 80 themes. Yes that means each theme will only cost you around 0.5$. If you don’t have the elegant themes then you can buy it from the below link.[/box]


Now if you have elegant themes then go to appearance then your theme options and then on the integration column. In the second box paste your tracking code and save it. That’s it you are done.

How to install Google Analytics in wordpress

Now if you don’t have elegant themes, then go to appearance and then in the editor. A lots of php file will be displayed but you have to open header.php then paste your code after the body tag. And that’s it you are done. Sorry i don’t have a screen shot for that because I am using elegant theme and I don’t have to go with this procedure.

That’s all on how to install google analytics in wordpress.

For any queries or to point out any of my mistake please comment below.


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