Here are many type of tricks or methods about “How to install Rom in your android phone” but this is very easy or fastest method which want to tell you. Hi guy’s today i’m going to tell you about a method which is very interesting and you shall like it.

Android is the great OS (operating system) which we use in these days but we need something new for us, now we try to download themes, wallpapers, live wallpapers and all those things who are looking very interesting and amazing but when you are looking to your android phone its going to be slow and some applications are not working properly.

So here’s the method to change interface and whole menu of your android phone, if you want to change your android phone into another android phone you can do it without any problem.


 How to install custom Rom but first What is a ROM?

One of the best thing about Android Operating System is that if you are not happy with your inbuilt ROM, you can change one of many modified versions of Android it’s called ROM’s which is in your device.

And the new ROM can bring you the latest version of Android previous to your developer make, or it can substitute your developer-modify version of Android with a fresh and clean, stock version. Or, it can take your current version and just grievance it up with amazing new features – it’s up to you. So I think you have got a idea on what is Android Custom Roms.

If you are intimate with Linux, its kind of equal to installing a dissimilar Linux dispensation. Every version of the OS (Operating System) have an exclusive target in mind and as such differs quite a bit from the others. Which one you take is depend on your fundamentality and how you to use the device. But you’ll need to unlock your bootloader and flash a custom recovery, but if you’ve get the hang of your device, it’s not too hitch.

Bootloader :

The bootloader is the smallest level of software in your device, running all the code which is very important to opening your operating system. Many Bootloaders came locked, its mean you can’t flash custom recovery or ROM. That’s why unlock your bootloader don’t root your device directly, but this method can allow you to root your device or flash custom ROM’s if you want.

How To Install Custom Rom’s in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager

Here’s the tutorial to the use of ROM Manager to install ROM’s

If you want to Install custom roms in your smartphone it’s not so difficult, but booting into the recovery manager just to flash a new rom can be a sluggish process.

Here’s the “ClockworkMod” ROM Mananger is an easy option. ROM Manager, permit you to flash rom’s without having to restart your device  into the recovery first.


Disclaimer: We are not to be responsible for anything that happen in the process of using this tutorial. Using your device in the ways described will void your warranty, and can soft-brick and or damage your device. You have to proceed at your own risk.


How To Install Custom Rom's in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager  The Help Of ROM Manager

Step 1: First of all you’ve to download your custom rom

So for Custom ROM Download Head over to the ROM developer’s web site or marketplace formula and arrogate the brand-new release and any gapps files as well. Download them from the root directory of your android smartphone for facility.

Step 2: After than you’ve to download ROM Manager from the Play Store.

ROM Manager has two types of versions first is free version and the second is paid version you can download it from Google Play Store. And the free version will work smartly.

After that install it in your android rooted device. The premium version can streamlined some of these steps but not so essential.

Setup of ROM Manager

How To Install Custom Rom's in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager  How To Install Custom Rom's in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager  How To Install Custom Rom's in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager

If you are using ROM Manager; you’ve to know it’s requirement, Which type of custom recovery  you’re using.

1. Tap recovery setup.

2. Select your custom recovery, ClockworkMod or TWRP

This will associative it with the ROM Manager.

And the ROM Manager will put Clockworkmod Recovery updated as an added bonus.

One more important thing which i want to tell you, if you are not using CWM {Clockworkmod Recovery} and would you like to install it you can. You’ve to set up for your device than forward to the next step.

Take a Back-Up to your current ROM

The Help Of ROM Manager  How To Install Custom Rom's in your Android Device With The Help Of ROM Manager  The Help Of ROM Manager

This is an important thing to make a backup of your current ROM which you’re already using. In case if your mind will be change this will make it easy to go back to your old ROM.

  1. Inside the backup and restore area of ROM Manager tap “Backup Current ROM”
  2. Give the particular name for the backup file and tap to ok.

ROM Manager will automatically restart your device and make a backup.

How To Install The Custom ROM

The Help Of ROM Manager  The Help Of ROM Manager  The Help Of ROM Manager

Let’s see the instruction of this installation

  1. First of all to install a custom ROM tap to “Install ROM from SDcard”
  2. And then select the zip file from your root directory of your device. This is not so important to place the image files in the root directory however it makes find out the images easily.
  3. Ensure that “Wipe Data and Cache” is selected if you’re installing a new ROM. But if you want update your current ROM that is not so important.
  4. And the last one is tap to “Reboot And Install,” to complete the installation of your ROM.


It’s About Gapps

Gapps is a full form of Google Apps such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Play Service, Google Talk, Google Music, Google Voice Search and many more. It cannot be bundled with the ROM itself for licensing cause.

And after the installation of the ROM you will have to repeat the process mentioned above to flash GAPPs. Premium ROM Manager Users can flash GAPPs at the same time as the ROM, but the free version Users doesn’t allow this this process.

Enjoy Your New ROM

If you’ve any query with this tutorial you can comment bellow the post, that’s all i have to say about it, and don’t forget like and share.


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