Hello guys, today we are going to learn How to install Bluestack on pc. Those who don’t know that bluestack is software which is used to run android application in your pc.

Yeah, that’s totally a good news for those who doesn’t have a android smart phone or doesn’t have a powerful smart phone to run apps with higher requirements. But after installing this you can do all the thins as your computer will become the super android smart phone.

Now how does it work. Bluestack creates a virtual android smart phone in your system so the system thinks of itself as a smartphone. It means, it providing a platform to run android Operating System. As you know the android has an open source license so all the things it do is all legal. More of that you can run whatsapp and other android application as wells so lets start How to install Bluestack on pc but before that.

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There are certain things you need to take care of:

1. You must have administration privilege to install bluestack.

2. It can only be run on windows xp and above. For good performance I will say install it on windows 7.

3. The default directory where the bluestack install is C: and can not be changed. So make sure you should have at least 4Gb space in your C: directory.

4.Well bluestack says that you do not have any virtual machine installed on your system such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, or Oracle VirtualBox. Well I don’t find it a trouble any ways its your choice what to do about them.

How to install bluestack on pc.

First download the bluestack from there official site by clicking here — Bluestack

How to install Bluestack on pc


After the download completes double click the program and start installing it. You will see a window like below, now click on continue.

How to install Bluestack on pc


You will be asked to select three option. I would recommend select all three of them. And then click on install.

How to install Bluestack on pc.

Now the installation will begin. But if you see an error that please close google chrome then close all the google chrome window and restart your computer.

How to install Bluestack on pc.

The above method will work correctly but if you are one of the unlucky person as I was you will again see this error. So these instruction are only for those which still got an error rest can leave this point.:

How to handle the error -25001 bluestack installation:

Installation stopped – Error 25001
The following application must be closed before continuing the uninstall : Google Chrome

1.Download the offline BlueStacks installer file (this file ends with extension .msi). From here — dwnbut

2.Download a tool named Ocra (its a editor by Microsoft itself). dwnbut

The link given above is the link of cnet website you can download Ocra from there or you can download it from microsoft or you can use any other MSi software.

Orca.exe is a database table editor for creating and editing Windows Installer packages and merge modules. The tool provides a graphical interface for validation, highlighting the particular entries where validation errors or warnings occur.
3.Install this application called Ocra on your computer. Assuming you are either using Windows 7 or Windows XP SP2

4.Once Ocra is installed, right click on your BlueStacks MSI File and click “edit with Ocra”

5.A new Orca window appear

6.Scroll the Tables to InstallExecuteSequence

7.On the right side find ChechAV entry. You will find “$RuntimeComponent > 2′′ replace 2 with 100. like this.. $RuntimeComponent > 100 In this way you will also find some conditions, also do the same change if you are having issue about RAM, graphics card etc.

8.Save the file from the file menu

9.Now Run saved MSI, it will works like charm.

That’s all for this error.

After installation :

After installation you will see the window below. Now you have to associate a google account with bluestack to download and run apps. And if you have .apk files on your system, then double click on them will automatically install them in the bluestack.

How to install Bluestack on pc.

That’s all on How to install Bluestack on pc.

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