Hi guys today we are gonna discuss on how to hack facebook account using phishing.

Phishing is a technique in which a fake page has been created and send to the user. Now when the user enters his details in it, its information will be reached to the creator of the fake page.

Now first we are starting with the facebook but you can use this technique to hack other account as well such as google, yahoo and even paypal.

*Note this article does not support hacking, It’s just for education purpose.

How to hack facebook account using these steps:

1.Now first thing to do is download this package below:



2. Now we need some free server that provide free web hosting, there many sites for that but we are using “000webhost”. So after downloading the package go to 000webhost

How to hack facebook

Sign Up there

3. After that just fill your basic info and some name for the domain for example we take it as “facehack.000webhost.com”.

4. Now after that go to your control panel and click on file manager.

How to hack facebook


5. Now upload the whole package there and extract it.

6. Now its all done, now you have to send this url (in this case “facehack.000webhost.com”) to the person you want to hack

7. The password will be saved in a file named as “log.txt” and it will be on the same place where you uploaded you files on the server.

8. As the facebook doesn’t allow sharing such url you can go to any url shortener site and shortened your url there.

9. Now my method to hack someone’s account will be sending a fake mail named as facebook to the user saying you got a friend request to the user or in the chat just send the link and told the user that I uploaded some pic see it there. As the user is not aware of your plan he will click it and will thought that he is just logged out of his account and will login again and you will get the password.

That’s all on how to hack facebook accounts.

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