Hi guys today I am going to tell you how to hack facebook using keylogger or any other email account. I also a wrote a similar article which is on phishing but this time we are gonna use keylogger. First of what is keylogger, a keylogger is suspicious program that record your keystrokes, there are advanced keylogger which can even take the screenshot of the desktop but we are here only gonna use a simple keylogger through which we are gonna hack victims email id.

If you want to try out phishing then go here.

So lets try How to hack facebook using keylogger.

First you need to download our keylogger package from below:


After downloading extract the file.

[hl]Note: Since this file creates keyloggers so most of the antivirus will think of it as a virus and will delete it.[/hl]

Lets start How to hack facebook using keylogger.

Then after that all we need is an email id. I will suggest you to create a new email id only for this purpose and make it a gmail id because it works great with this keylogger.

How to hack facebook using keylogger.

Step 1. First disable your antivirus shield and extract the file.

Step 2. Go to the l33ts keylogger folder and open the file l33t keylogger. Now there you have write your email id in the “Email Username” field and its original password in the “Email Password” field. I would suggest to use a fake gmail id, and make sure that the email is working because the keylogger file’s will be emailed to this address.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Then keep the sending interval as 15 and in the mutex it will generate a key, well it didn’t bother you but it will be better to choose the longest one.

Step 3.After putting all your info click on “Test SMTP”. You will recieve an email at the email account you entered to check if the details you entered you entered are working or not.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


You will recieve an email just like above, that means you succesfully set up your email.

Step 4. After that click on the “compile server” button. It will ask for a name and a location and after giving it that press ok and a dialogue will appear just like below.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


As in my case I named my server as “mk” and the location is the “l33t keylogger” folder.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Step 5. Now you have to spread this as this is the keylogger which gives us other’s password for doing that, come back to the main folder and open the “ResHack” folder and in that “ResHacker”.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Now with the help of ResHacker we will take a icon from an .exe file and will used it as our keylogger’s icon. Now click on Files and then open in the ResHacker. You can choose any file, here we are going to bind our keylogger with an exe file so you can choose any setup file or any .exe file. In my case I am using Mozilla Firefox as my file.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


After opening it you will see some folders as listed above in the ResHacker. Now right click on the “Icon” folder and click “save [icon] resources” just as done in the above picture.

Step 6. After that you will see a window asking for a name and the location to save the files name it anything and save it on the same folder. Just like I did with Mozilla Firefox as shown below.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


These are all the icons files, you can select a single icon and delete all the other icons files.

Step 7. Now open “Easy Binder”, this is a very special file as it can combine two .exe file into one.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Click on the lower left icon which is for “add files”, select the keylogger as the first file and the file you want to merge with, in my case my first file will be “mk” my keylogger and Mozilla Firefox as the second file. Don’t worry it won’t do anything to the originals files instead of that it will create a new file which has both files merged.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Step 8. Now go to its setting tab and select the icon you selected in the 6 step, and in the “Output File” field put the location as the original folder in which we are working and name it any thing you want.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


Leave the other things as they are, come back to the “File’s” tab and click “Bind File’s” button.

Step 9. You will see an output screen like below, means everything went perfect and your file is created.

How to hack facebook using keylogger

Just look in the main folder and you will find a file with the icon you select and the name you give. In my case I found a file named “firefox” now if you open this file, if this is a setup file then it will be open but if it is an executable file as in my case which can not be run without its component it would give an error. But don’t worry the firefox application will fail to open but the keylogger will start running and you can check it under the process tab of the task manager.

How to hack facebook using keylogger


You can try, if it’s working or not just open any website such as facebook and enter your login things and soon you will receive an email in your inbox with that id and password and the website name in it.

Step 10. Now how to send it to your victims:

If your friend want any software from you just merge the keylogger and the softwares setup and give it to your friend.

Send it to through the email with some main file attached to it.

Upload it on forums or on groups telling that it is a cool software or a keygen etc.

[hl]Note: It will only work until the computer restarts, as the computer restarts it will automatically shutdown and wouldn’t run until the user did it by himself.[/hl]

A thing to share, what I did was I upload this firefox on a ftp and keep one of its copy in my pendrive. If somebody let me use their computer I just go to the Mozilla Firefox directory and replace the original file with the file I created. And as the person opens the firefox my keylogger start’s working :).

That’s all on How to hack facebook using keylogger

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