Here, I am back again with some Twitter tricks. Twitter which is the second largest social website on the internet. Well, it is amazing, I can tell that for sure. For a blogger and a webmaster, Twitter can be a gold mine to bring traffic and to increase sales.

That is why I am bringing you this trick to get 1000+ followers on Twitter without doing anything.

How to get 1000+ Followers On Twitter in 72 hours

This method doesn’t include any social exchange sites like Addmefast or Like4Like or any other. This is a very simple process and just need a very small amount of work from your end.

How are we going to get so many followers?

There are many types of Twitter users on Twitter. Well, some of them are too kind which follow back when someone follows them, just like me. So, I got a list which contains more than 1500 username of those Twitter users who follows back.

Now it will be a hell of a job if you have to open each Twitter user from the list and follow them. So, to make our task easier we are going to use a Twitter bot.

There are many bots available but, I am going to use the Twitter Money Bot. You can use any bot you like.

So, let’s start following the Twitter users.

1. The first thing you need to do is to download the Twitter Money Bot from here. It comes in two editions, the first one is free and the another one is premium.

Since we are not going to use, its every feature so we will download the free edition.

2. The next thing you need to unzip the file and start the Twitter money bot.

Twitter 2

3. The start screen will look like this and then you have to click on account and then fill your info, which is Twitter username and password.

Twitter 3

4. Then from the drop down menu select the account you just created.

Twitter 4

5. After that click on the Tab that says “Username Follower“.

6. After that, you have to download the below files which contains the username of those Twitter users which follows back. As Twitter has a policy that you can’t follow more than 1000 account in 24 hours. That’s why I have put these accounts in 3 separate files. So, you have to use one per 24 hour. Each file contains 600+ username.

7. After downloading the file, open the file and press “Ctrl + A” to select all. Then copy them and paste them into the Twitter money bot, on the left side where it says username to follow.

8. After that click on the “Start Following” button and the bot will do the work. Since, it is a huge list so it might take 3-4 hours to complete the task.

9. Use the steps 6-7 after every 24 hours.

10. After 72 hours, you might get 1000+ follow back.

Now what to do with those users who are not following you back.

There will be some users who do not follow you back. Maybe be they have stopped doing that, or may be they are not using there account anymore. So, after doing all the steps till, wait for 48 hours and then follow the below procedure.

1. Go to

Twitter 6

2. It is a paid service which can unfollow those who are not following you back. But you can use it for 7 days absolutely free, without providing your credit card details.

3. So, click on Login with Twitter. A box will pop up and enter your Twitter username and password here.

Twitter 7

4. After that, on a new screen you will see two sliding button. One of them will be “Unfollow“. Click on it and then you will see on the right side, that there is a right mark on “Unfollow those who are not following me”. If there is no right mark then check it, and then click on the start button.

Twitter Bot

Rest of the work will be done by Twtmass and all the users who are not following you back will be removed.

So, That’s all on How to get 1000+ Followers On Twitter in 72 hours. If you like the post kindly share it.

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