Today I came with a new trick which is How to force YouTube to buffer your videos. I love the old days when you on a video on YouTube and YouTube starts buffering or downloading it in the background for you. But now with the Google’s Dynamic technology it only buffers a small part of the video to buffered for the smaller part so that the  video could play without  interrupting your video. I wasn’t having any problem but yesterday I was watching a video and I thought It would be good if I got this video in 720p. But that thing is over my speed So I couldn’t get that.

So if you are also having low speed of internet and wanted to watch the video in good qualities without wasting the time to download them. You can use this trick but now first ask the most basic question here.

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Why the video is not buffering when it is paused ?

It is because youtube has adapted DASH or Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over Http which only buffer a small amount of video so that overall smoothness of the video is maintained and the there will be no loss of bandwidth as well. So in simple words DASH won’t let you buffer the whole video. And more for that Youtube also won’t allow you to change the setting.

Now to change these setting there is a special extension present which will do our work.

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How to force Youtube to buffer your videos

Now this process can be very easy or very difficult that totally depends on your browser. There is add on which is known as YouTube Center that will provide you awesome features over the youtube. Now if you are using Mozilla then its too simple just go to Just go to Mozilla Add on library and install this Add on.

For the Opera Users there is an extension in the store as well as You can download it from here and install it.

Well a bad news fro Chrome users that this add on is not available in the chrome store. But don’t be sad there is another way. The add on that works on Opera is have to be installed in the chrome as well. But for that you have to do some work.

1. So first download the YouTube Center from here and please use the chrome download manager instead of any other download manager.

how to force youtube to buffer your videos

2. You will also see a message above that this cannot be installed. Just leave that and go to settings.

how to force youtube to buffer your videos


3. Now After coming here click on the extension on the left hand side of the settings.

how to force youtube to buffer your videos

4. After opening Extension page you have to drag the file you just downloaded from above on to the extension page. You will see a partial message saying drop the file to install it.

how to force youtube to buffer your videos

5. After that a box will appear asking you to install the add on. Just click add and the extension will be installed.

how to force youtube to buffer your videos

8. After that open YouTube in the next tab and YouTube option will appear. There you have to go to the player menu and uncheck the DASH. And that’s it now you can buffer your videos without playing them. Below are the pictorial representation to do that.

  • Youtubes 1
  • Youtubes 2
  • Youtubes 3
  • YouTubes 4

There are lots of other features of YouTube Center as well. But for that I will write next time.

So that’s all on how to force youtube to buffer your videos.

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