I just bought a phone and it turns out a big disappointment. Do you want to know why? Cause it’s headphones are too bad. I mean, the sound is not great, there is no bass and the material quality is also too bad.

If that also happened to you then don’t worry, I might have a solution to this problem. To solve this problem we need the perfect headphone.

What do need in a Perfect HeadPhone?

The headphones choices from person to person. I mean some of them want the headphone that can play simple music while many others like me want the full enjoyment of the music.

So, that means if you want it simple, then you can get settled with what you got. But if you want the good bass and awesome treble then you have to get a new one.

So, how can we know that what headphones are suitable for us. Don’t know about you but I like something stylish and with good quality sound.

The good quality here refers to many things. For example, I will want a headphone that will have a good bass and an awesome Treble. With that, it should also have a noise cancellation function. So, that I can hear my music clearly, even in the crowds.

A few months ago I bought an over the ear headphone and they caused me a lot of pain. I was unable to wear them for more than Twenty minutes.

I don’t any of those suffering again. So, with all the above qualities, it should have a lose grip on my ears.

That means we again got a category that whether we need over the ear, normal or wireless. Well, if you have a normal budget then the normal headphones will be best for you.

After that, we should think about which brand we want to buy. There are many options, that means more confusion. If you look at the top brands then that would be Beats by Dr Dre, Sennheiser, Shure, Grado etc. They are good, but there are very costly as well except Sennheiser that comes in the budget.

Other than them, we have JBL, Philips, Skullcandy, Jays and some others. These are the ones which have an awesome quality and come in an affordable range.

So, going by the style and all the above qualities I mentioned, I think Skullcandy will be the best one for me.

It is a reputable brand, has an awesome style with good design. The music quality is just best in this headphone and it does not cause pain in the ear as well.

So, I found my perfect headphone. Going by all the qualities I mentioned above, I think you can also find your perfect Headphone.

Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
Rohit Sharma


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