Facebook is the most famous social networking website and I am going to show you How to edit others comment in Facebook. Well there are few things you should know:

  1. This is not a hack just a trick or prank.
  2. This does not require any special software or coding.
  3. This is not permanent, since its a client side editing not on server side.
  4. Best for trolling friends.

How to edit others comment in Facebook

1. You need to select the victim and the thing to which you want to edit the comments. It can be anything such as posts, pictures, status etc. Just like we selected a picture below:

How to edit others comments in Facebook



2. As you see we are going to change the comment “Thnx Riya” . Now after the first step just select the comment you want to edit, and then press right click and then on inspect element. After that a box will appear at the bottom which is highlighting a line in which your selected comment will be present. Like this:

How to edit others comments in Facebook


3. After that right click on that statement. A box will appear and then click on edit text.

How to edit others comments in Facebook


4. Now you will have the chance to write what ever you want. Just enter your comment or message and then press enter. Like here we are writing “Fuck off Priya” in place of “Thnx Priya”.

How to edit others comments in Facebook


5. Now just close the box at the bottom and its all done. So the final pic will be look like:

How to edit others comments in Facebook



6.Now as I said before its not permanent so as soon you refresh the page the comment will come to original. But before that you can take its pic and share it on your wall, your friends wall, groups as well as on whats app. Change the comments as you want them and there is no illegal activity in them just total fun.

That’s all, now you know how to edit others comment on facebook.

Now if you want to hack a facebook account try phishing, its explained in very simple steps.

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