When you start a blog then there are certain things you should follow. Like submitting your site to different search engine, making social signals and submitting your site to Alexa.

Now all of these things require some work and if you are lazy like me then follow these steps to get your site verified by Alexa, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Web Master Tools ( msvalidate 01 ) using the meta tag.

So here I am assuming that you have your site on Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster tool and on Alexa as well.

They all provide some method to you so that you can give them proof that this site belongs to you. These methods include uploading a file to your root directory, uploading an XML file, using meta tags and some more methods.

All these methods are easy but uploading a file is required you to login to your control panel and transfer the file using some file transfer protocol. There are also some problems came when the file is inaccessible. That is when you put that file into some other directory instead of your root directory.

So for all the lazy people like me Meta Tags are the best. For this, you just have to login to your WordPress dashboard and do some things. So here I am putting all the msvalidate 01 meta tags for all the major things.

Verify Meta Tags For Google:

For this to work first you have to add website to Webmaster Tools. Then it will ask you to verify your site.Now for that just click HTML Tag verification. and Google will give you a meta tag like this.

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”sdffdsfgsgsgdshernynyu-kyuk7ZgsdiCK1e-khkjhkhmbdbvc” />

Now that is enough information we need to verify our site. The method is written below which is a common method for Google, Alexa and Bing.

Verify Meta Tags For Alexa:

Alexa is a website which gives your website a rank according to its traffic. That means if you have high traffic then you will have low rank and if you have low traffic then you will have a high rank. In terms of Science in case of Alexa traffic and rank are inversely proportional. So visit Alexa and register your site on it. To verify the ownership it will give you some choices. Select using the Meta Tag. It will give you a meta tag like this.

<meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=” kOGOPOP_KKNKNOpm3Ufdsfdsf_swehnyjmuy ” />

Now you just have to copy the tag and follow the method which is written below.

Verify Meta Tags For Bing (msvalidate 01):

Bing which is a great search engine and comes in every Window devices. Its webmaster tools has great features and it can help you a lot to get the SEO advantage. To verify for Bing you must have a Windows live id. So go to the Bing Webmaster tools and sign in with your Windows Live id. Then after registering you will meta tag which will look like this. Its meta tag containes a special name as msvalidate 01.

<meta name=”msvalidate.01″ content=”E6888vB9GDSGDSGJOJOJOIWF3r2BC613BBE7″ />

Now to verify for the Bing Webmaster Tools you just have to use the below method.

How to verify site ownership for Alexa, Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster tools.

Now the secret ingredient for this process is SEO By Yoast. It is a remarkable WordPress plugin and can help you a lot. I also wrote it in the Top 5 SEO WordPress plugins.

If you don’t have the SEO By Yoast then download it and install it in your WordPress.

After the installation, you will see a menu titled as “SEO” in your WordPress dashboard’s left menu bar. Hover your mouse over it and click on the “Dashboard” link. When the page opened, in the bottom you can see a title of Webmaster Tools. It has some fields for Alexa, Google etc.

Copy the meta tag from above and put them in those fields. Then click save changes and you are all done.

msvalidate 01

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