Hello Friends today I am gonna tell you how to create a bootable pendrive very easily without any command or coding. This is a method for those who are lazy just like me and don’t want to waste their money on blank DVD. For this we are going to use a bootable tool. Which can be use to create bootable pendrive for windows 7/8 . This is very simple and you can download the tool from below. And don’t worry the tool is tested with antivirus there is no a virus in it.

But those who are not sure about that software or wants to do all the things by them selves can go to:

How to create a bootable pendrive without any software.

Now download the tool from here:



How to create a bootable pendrive:

Step 1. Download and install the software. And start it from the desktop.

Step 2. Open it you will see a screen like this:

How to create a bootable pendrive.


Step 3. Click on browse and choose the .iso file.

How to create a bootable pendrive.


Step 4. After selecting the file click on USB.

How to create a bootable pendrive.

Step 5. It will automatically select the usb but if you have multiple usb at the time in the system then select the one you want to make bootable.

That’s all now its all done.

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How to create a bootable pendrive without using any software.

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