Hi fellas, today we are gonna discuss on how to check if a file is infected or not with a virus. If you use a computer and thinks that you have a antivirus and your computer cannot be harmed than you are a fool.

Well most of the anti virus provide best security but even they are not 100% resistant to virus. Many viruses attack the anti virus first and then the system.

A point to note that mostly .exe file contains the virus which you download from internet or from torrent. So if you downloaded a game or a software so you have to test the .exe file only.

Most virus is found in .exe files because it is easy to bound a virus with an .exe file and it is also executable so when .exe executes the virus executes automatically.

Virus can be came from any where for example you weren’t expecting the email attachment you just received. Or a website is asking you to install software you don’t recognize. Or a friend whose computer is infected hands you a flash drive with a file he wants you to open. Your instincts are right: If you are unsure about a file, don’t download it or open it before you do some detective work. It takes less time to check a suspicious file than it does to clean up the contamination it can cause. This guide shows you the steps to take to protect yourself.

How to check if a file is infected

Option 1. Always install an anti virus in your system and always update it. It’s the shield that can protect you from harmful virus. There is a defense shield working in most of the anti virus which works in background and check for viruses. So when you open a folder or a file the anti virus will tell you and will delete the file automatically even without your permission. But sometimes if there is more than one file then you can scan the complete folder. If the result came safe you are ready to go if not delete those.

how to check if a file is infected

Option 2. Check on internet about the file or the software you are going to install there are many websites and reviews that will tell you if this virus is a malware, virus or any thing else. If the reviews are good then you are ready to go.

how to check if a file is infected

Option 3. Sometimes even the anti virus fails. So what to do 🙁 ? Not at all a problem what if I tell you you can scan your file with 47 anti viruses at once and its absolutely free. Yes that’s right there is a site “VIRUS TOTAL” which will scan your file using 47 different antivirus for free. But there is a problem with this option that maximum file size is 64 mb and you have to upload the file on their server. Well file size is low but we can scan the .exe file which is not in greater size.

How to check if a file is infected

Now for not getting the virus what you can do ?

Download softwares from their original site not from torrents

  • Always update your antivirus.
  • Always scan your pen drive or flash drive without opening them.
  • Do not download extra toolbars and the software from unrecognized sites.

That’s all on How to check if a file is infected with virus or not.

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