Today I am not writing about any tech related topic. It is about the problem that most of the villages in India are facing. I am talking about the lack of toilets in those villages. Its 21st century and we are going to Mars and inventing other things. But we are forgetting the most crucial thing that our villages has been facing. According to a report 597 Million people defecate in public every day.

This isn’t just about hygiene, defecating in public is like giving an invitation to lots of bacteria and viruses to your body. Not only hygiene but their dignity is also at stakes in doing so. This is specially for Women and girls, they let their dignity at stakes every day.

What are the major problems in doing so

1. Hygiene Problem :

Defecating in public will make that place dirty, and lot stinking smell will also spread around the environment. I don’t think any one want to live in toilet but doing this will make the village a living toilet. This will also make certain places unable to go for a person and will cause a huge hygiene problem.

2. Virus and Bacteria :

Well I am not good at biology but this is the thing I am pretty sure of. Many viruses and bacteria will arise from defecating in public. These bacteria and viruses will spread so much diseases and they most probably affect the young ones first. But after that it will sure come for adults as well.

3. Self Respect and Dignity :

By defecating in public that means putting your dignity at stake. This may be a simple thing for male but for female its very much important. Due to unavailability of toilet women and girls have to go for defecating in the dark. So this makes a huge problem for them, but what they can do ?

I have told you many things but what really is this post about ?

Domex Initiative : #ToiletForBabli

Domex which is a flagship in sanitation brand has started an initiative to provide toilets in the village. This will also provide toilets to those people who can’t afford them but still they need your help.

In the initiative #ToiletForBabli Domex is concentrating on defecating in public problem and it may solve all the above problems as well. But as I told you above Domex need your help.

So how can you help ?

For every click you do on the Domex (Here), it will donate Rs. 5 for solving that problem. Means that money then will use to build toilets in villages and will make the defecetating in public problem solve.

I am saying again CLICK HERE since your one click will bring Rs. 5 for making toilets in the villages.

This post is written for the IndiBloggers and for the Domex Initiative!!


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