Today, I am writing a very humours story about the great Indian Litterbug. Since there are so many Litterbug out there so this might change their mind towards cleanliness.

The Great Indian Litterbug Family

So, the story is of Gopal and his family who lives in Delhi. Gopal is a shopkeeper and has a good income from it. His wife does the household jobs and his two sons are studying in school.

Gopal has a habit of eating “PAN” which is an Indian Mouth Freshener. You can always see his mouth full of Pan and his red lips. He has one more habit associated with this. He spits the Pan anywhere he wants. He does not care whether it’s a public place, his building stairs or his own shop. He spits here and there and especially in those places which have a sign “Spitting is prohibited”.

One night his son got sick. At that time, no Doctor or medical shop was available. He tried to find some medicine in his home. He found a full pack of Pan wrapped into his pocket, but he was unable to find the Medicine. His son suffered all night and visited the Doctor, the next day.

His wife also has a habit of throwing garbage on the street just in front of her house. Since no one is cleaning that mess, so it became a home for countless insects and mosquitoes. One day, one of those mosquitoes bit her and gave her the gift of Dengue.

She visited a Doctor and the Doctor said that we have to admit you to the hospital. So she got admitted and had a proper rest. Since it was a private hospital, hence it was clean. So, she didn’t take much more time to recover. But when she arrived at her home, that dirtiness starts affecting her health. Making her a victim of her own wrong choices. She didn’t even understand what she had done. She kept on throwing the garbage on the streets.

Gopal had a beautiful shop, it had good paint on all the walls. But not anymore, since now those walls are covered in red spits. Those things reduce his sales a lot. But he still didn’t care about that. He knows only one thing, that he loves his Pan and he has to spit anywhere he wants.

Now let’s talk about the other son of Gopal. He loves bananas and eats them every day. Instead of throwing the Banana peels in the dustbin, he throws the banana peels anywhere on the streets. One day he bought some bananas and starts eating them on the way to his home. He was throwing the banana peels here and there. Suddenly his feet slipped because of a banana peel  thrown by some other person. Due to that slip, he dislocated his shoulder and have to admit in the hospital for one month.

Still he has the same habit to throw the banana peel anywhere he wants.

This is the story of Gopal’s family and I think there are lots of family like Gopal in India. We should give some attention towards what we are doing. By throwing our garbage here and there, we are not saving our time instead we are increasing our problems.

This post is written for IndiBlogger in association of The Times of India.

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