Hi guys i am back with some android news google playstore is providing free android games and apps on it’s second anniversary. This is a limited time offer where you can get lots of good things such as premium games and apps for free or in app items for free or for a discount. I mean this is completely awesome you’re getting so much for nothing. Now on this anniversary google is providing 16 games. Now I am providing link to every game and I am going to tell everything about thees offered which google is providing. Keep reading and here’s the list begin.

Google Playstore 2nd anniversary with free android games.

Larva link free android games1.Larva Link :The first game come in the category is the larva link which is based on the ultimate cartoon show lava and if you haven’t heard about this cartoon you can search it on youtube and I am also giving a link.
I know this game was the free as well but this game has an in app purchase means you have to buy coins or candy and any game currency to play now google is how google is offering 30 % off the candy sale, 20 free candies for all new users and a special lucky spin event in which you can win great prices. So it’s an awesome deal and I don’t think you should miss that out.

spiderman 2.The Amazing Spider ManThe second thing comes in a category is the amazing spider man game which is the awesome game from the gameloft. It isn’t a free  game but this time google is providing this game at a huge discount. It is available at the price of 0.10 dollar and in indian rupees it is available only at 6 rs means this is not that much. I should recommend you to buy buy this game it’s an awesome game from gameloft having the story of the amazing spider-man base on amazing spider man.

3.Re-Volt 2Now the third game in this category is re volt 2. I  already played the game it is too awesome with Revoltamazing graphics and having a huge collection of cars. It has many new features such as grand prix race for player around the world. New models of real looking cars, challenge mode
This game was already free but google is offering 100 % bonus for purchasing crystals which is an in-game currency for is this game.

4.Hay DayThe fourth game in the category is hay day. haydayWhich is the farming type game awesome game with lovely graphics and cute animals and farms. It also has the in-game currency which is diamond. Google is offering a discount you can buy 180 diamonds or only 2.99 dollars which is regularly cost you 6.99 dollars.


5.Garden Mania: This is the 5th game in this category is garden mania awesome awesome game for those who love puzzle. It was already free but it has in game purches to buy in-game currency now on this anniversary of google play store google is offering 50 % discount on all of its in app products.

dead6.Dead Ahead:The 6th game in this category is dead ahead it is a game from the maker of parking mania. I already played this game and I love it. You have to survive by driving a bike where as a bunch of zombies is following you. It is free but on google play stores 2nd anniversary you will get 50 % off on in app items for a limited time only


7.Punch Hero:The seventh game in this category is punch hero an awesome game. I love its design and played it a lot and it also a part of the play store second anniversary. On the second anniversary google play store is providing a discount on in app purchase but it is only available on up to 12th march. Google is providing:

1. Purchase Bonus! (1-Time Only): Bonuses will given on 3/16 – 3/17.
– Purchase 1000 Stars / 10K Gold = Get 200 Stars / 10K Gold bonus!
– Purchase 2000 Stars / 100K Gold = Get 500 Stars / 25K Gold bonus!
– Purchase 5000 Stars / 250K Gold = Get 1500 Stars / 75K Gold bonus!
– Purchase 10K Stars / 500K Gold = Get 5000 Stars / 250K Gold bonus!

2. Capsule (5-Time Usage) is HALF OFF!

DOUBLE costume event is also in progress!

keepre8.Dungeon Keepers: The 8th game in this category is dungeon keeper a good game from EA. Well EA has already delivered us good games and I and a promise you that you will love this game. To celebrate google play store’s 2nd birthday dungeon keeper is free for a limited time. It is a premium game with good graphics. It seems interesting after seeing the poster I must say you should check this out.

radiohammer9.RadioHammer: Now let’s move ahead it’s time for the 9th game which is radio hammer. A cool rhythmic game. It is an exciting and easy to play rhythm base action game in which you play by tapping on the screen accoding to the rhythm .  It has four character and awesome backgrounds, charming anime and bad ass bosses . Now to celebrate second anniversary of google play this game has been discounted of 67 % and it is now available to download at a price of 0.99 dollars or 62INR.

hunter10.Dungeon Hunter 4: It’s a good game from gameloft have good graphics and awesome storyline. This is much of a hack and slash game where you where you have to kill your enemies and loot the items. You can choose from 4 different warriors each having a unique combat style. Now on google play store second anniversary its in app purchases, such as all theBUFF POTIONS are 70% OFF and Celebrate with 2x more XP, Gold, Strength and Speed and battle on.

camelot11.Heroes of camelot : It is a rpg multiplayer battle card game that will transport you into a world dominated by Dragons and Medieval mythological figures. In this game you have to survive and reclaim your land power by assembling and evolving hundreds of powerful heroes in your cards. On the occasion of google play store 2nd anniversary 500 free gems are available for new players which is in app currency for this game.

Venture12.Venture Towns: It is a good game from karol soft. A strategy game in which you have to create your own metropolitan city. It is a good game for those who like playing rise of empires and rise of nations. Now this game is available at a discount of 85 % and in Indian currency it is available at 73.41 INR.


13.Fifa 14 by EA sports:  I don’t think this game needs an introduction. Mostly everyone try the fifa in the computer or in the playstation. This game has good graphics, real player, real time strategy having 33 lakes and over 600 licence teams. And more than 16 thousand player, it also what are real life look in the 34 authenit stadium and first time on the mobile you can listen to commentary in english french german italian and spanish. On google playstore‘s second anniversary it is a limited time offer to enter in an Ultimate Team tournament! Win it to score a Gold Players Premium Pack and 5000 coins.

beauty14.Star girl beauty queen: Well the game is famous on the facebook as a girly game so I didn’t Played it but on the google play store second anniversary you can have a exclusive spring clothes and 100 % bonus on any IAP package.


15.Akasha: It is a MORPG game. It’s very addictive and have awesome graphics and good game play. On this occasion Google is providing:

1. Develop Your Character!
Reach the target level for items and K-Points!
– Reach Lv 55: 1 Hell Weapon + Full Hell Armor Set + 300 KP
– Reach Lv 44: 1 Hell Weapon + 3 Hell Armors + 200 KP
– Reach Lv 33: 1 Hell Weapon + 1 Hell Armor + 100 KP
※ Rewards will be given on 3/17.
※ This event only applies on characters reaching the target level during the event.
※ Rewards will be given once per account. Only the highest target level reward will be given.

2. Great Chance to Get Popular Items!
Get popular equipment and items from Product of the Day!
Up to 50% OFF!! WOW!!

3. Additional K-Points Event!!
Buy K-Points now and get 10% bonus KP!

fantasy16.Final fantasy V: I think you already know about that final fantasy, it’s a world famous game which debuted in 1992. Well I feel that this game doesn’t get a shot on my hot games. On the anniversary of google play store game is available at a discount of 50 % an Indian rupees it is available at 445INR.

That’s all on free android games on google playstore anniversary.

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