Woooo ! That’s a big news for all the webmasters that Google Drops the author images from search results. Yes you heard me right, I was even writing  a tutorial on how to get Google+ authorship linked to your website but I think that will only go to the dump.

I just saw it on Google+ that John Mueller said they are dropping the profile photos from search results to make it their search results more clear.

Actually I am quite surprised and happy as well. I have seen many bloggers who are optimizing their Google+ profile, arranging awesome photos, making new followers and it all goes down to nothing. But we can’t say anything to it, this thing is given by Google and if it can give than it can take as well.

What will happen to the Author images in Google search Results :

The search results now will be displayed without any profile photos. However this process is just started and will take 2 or 3 days to roll out all over the world.

Now Google plans to only show the author name in the search results. So it won’t show the profile photo as well as the circle count.

Google 1As you can see above it is a snapshot of the search results, which is written by our own Ajay Verma. I don’t have a previous snapshot so I can’t tell you how it looks back then. But all I can do is to told you there was a image just to the left the started heading.

Why Google Drop the Author Images ?

As John Mueller announce that they are working on improvement of the visual design of the search results. That means they want to clear all the author images and instead of that they will show only the search result and also as he states “better mobile experience and a more consistent design across devices.”

This clearly indicates that Google is now giving more attention to the Mobile view and design. This news has made many webmasters upset but this is not the end its just a drop of profile photo. I am happy that I was about to set up one but now I still do that :p . Why well its answers is in the last section.

What is the things that remains the same in the search results ?

There are certain things which are not changing with the change of search snippet :

  • Your Ranking : It means that the ranking you were scoring before will be the same as it was before. It is not going to change with drop of author images.
  • Author Name :  The Author name is still appearing in the search results. That means there is not the end of Google Authorship.
  • Authorship is not going anywhere :  As Mark Traphagen shared on Google+ that “Google Authorship continues. Qualifying authors will still get a byline on search results, so Google hasn’t abandoned it.” 
  • Verification Process is the same : The process of verifying the authorship is still the same. That means you still have to do the two way process, to connect your account to website and connecting website to Google+ account.

Do I still need a Google Authorship ?

The answer may be different from person to person but I would say “YES !”. I know it was great to show your picture on the face of Google, it even gave a ego boost that works as well. And now it is gone so not many will try to get the authorship. But I suggest you should get that and if you are asking why then :

  • The author name is still present in the search results. I know its not that great but verifying for Google Authorship and applying it on the site doesn’t take a whole lot of time and not too much effort. So I would suggest a little ego boost will be good for us 🙂 .
  • As Google says that it will works on promoting the authorship as to establish an identity on the internet. As Matt Cutts also said many time that with the content the identity is also a factor to determine the search engine ranking.

Ok that’s all on the topic Google Dropping the author images from search results.

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