I have a very bad habit of not talking to those guys. whom I just met. You can call me an anti-social, but this article is not about my problem.

Most of the time in those condition, I tried to do something on my phone. But, most of the time, I am out of options. I used to play an online game, but now after some upgrades it has now become too much boring.

Then, one of my friend told me about this game whose name is Fortress Fury. On the first look, I asked my friend that how it is different from other online games available on the play store. He told me that, this is the only one which I should play. Cause he was one of the pro gamer I know, so I took his advice very carefully.

Here is the link for Android and iOS.

After playing it for two weeks, I must say he was right. This game is absolutely awesome and here is why.

Fortress Fury – What is this?

Fortress fury is a tower defense game which is available for Android and IOS. Since this game does not have any high requirements, so this game can be run on most of the devices. More to that, this game is free to play but contains some in app purchases. But, all of those in app purchases are optional and you can play this game for free, forever. More to that, it requires a internet connection, because it is a multiplayer game.

Fortress Fury 1

Fortress Fury – What is the Aim or Objective?

Like tower defense game, in this game you have to upgrade your defense from time to time. After that, you can challenge a friend or any random player in the world to against you. You can invite your friends to fight or just fight with anyone. The basic aim is simple, you have to save your base from all those attacks. For that, you can use different types of tactics, such as using some magic items, alter your tower shape, making your defense stronger and some other things.

Fortress Fury 2

When the battle starts, your outpost will be put opposite to your rival. All the catapults and attacks will come like in Angry Birds manner. You can watch all attacks and see your damage reports.

Fortress Fury 3

Your bases are securing a very secret essence of your power, that is your core. You can say that, core is the ultimate thing you have to protect and same goes for your rival. that means to win this game you need to get the core of your rival. As soon you destroy the core of your rival, you will win the game. To make sure, you win you have to upgrade your defenses time to time, and get the best weapon and I think you know the rest.

This game is a 2D game and the graphics are spectacular. I love the graphics of this game, as they have given time to all the details and all other things.

Fortress Fury – There is something more !!

After I started playing this game, I searched this on Google. I found out that, the game developers are still looking for investors. This can be a good thing to those players who like this game a lot and also thinking of investing their money. As you can see that this game has around 1 Million installations on Android only.

That means this game is a huge success and investing in this game can be a good opportunity.

More to that, you will also get in game items with the Ambassador badge in the game for free. There are certain more perks in investing. You can read more about them on their Start Engine Page.

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