Hello Guys, today I am gonna tell you how to get your blog post index faster by Google using Fetch as Google Tool

While you write post on your blog you will spend countless hour on :

  • Determining the topic of your new blog post
  • Researching on that idea
  • Finding the appropriate keyword
  • Writing the article in an SEO optimized way
  • Sharing the blog post on social networking sites

After that it took some time, to appear in the search result. So add another thing to the list as well to submit your article on search engines just after you complete them.

Now the thing is why you need to do that. For a common blogger it won’t be the case that just after he submit the article it will be on the first page of the Google or any other search engines then why we need to do this ?

Why fast indexing of new blog post is necessary ?

To answer that question I have to use an example.

Lets see there are two sites, site A and site B. Site A publish 3-4 articles daily and site B publish a single article in 4-5 days.

So using this data the search engines such as Google will index site A every hour and for site B in 24 hour.

Now if site B publish a really good article on any interesting topic and site A copied that article, change the time stamp and publish it.

Now search engines will index site A first and will also index the article they copied from site B.

When the search engine then index site B then it will think that site B copied the article instead of site A.

Hence site B will be penalized and site A will have the favor for Google. Isn’t that wrong for the site B which was the original creator of that article.

So to over come these problem we should submit the URL of the newly created blog post to the search engine, but how to do that ?

How to use fetch as Google Tool to index blog post faster :

This is the best method by which we can submit our newly created blog posts to Google. Google instantly submit it to its index and a virtual copyright will also be made on that article.

There are certain limitation on using this tool but they won’t mind us.

1. Go to Google webmaster tools and select the blog for whose post you are adding

2. From the left sidebar under the Crawl menu, click on the Fetch as Google

Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google Tool

3. After it opened you will see that there is a field in which your domain name as a prefix is placed there. So to submit the URL, you have to remove the domain name from the URL you are going to submit. For example if I want to add a URL which “technocr.com/newblogpost” I have to remove the first part and only put the “newblogpost” in the text field.

Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google Tool

So here I am adding this post into the Google index using the Fetch As Google Tool.

4. After you entered the URL a new name in the below list will appear which has a “Submit To Index” button.

Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google Tool

5. When you click on the “Submit To Index” then a pop up will appear.

Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google Tool

6. Now choose “Crawl only this URL” and click on Go button.

7. That’s it now your new post is now added to Google’s index. Just after submitting that article I search this on Google and what I found is :

Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google Tool


That means the article is submitted to Google now. But wait what if you want something more, then read below I have something more for you.

Now what to do when you need more than Google:

For example you want to let every search engine or such other things to know that some changes has been made on your website or on your blog.

For that we can use the ping service to ping all the search engines that some changes have been made on our website.

Now to ping you can use ping-o-matic or blog Pingler or any other ping service you want. By using Pingler or Ping-O-Matic you will ping more than 30 search engines to let them know that some changes on your site has been made.

So just visit any one of them and enter your blog details and that will be it.

Well if you are too lazy (just like me) than you can try out an automatic pinging as well.

Automate pinging (Only for WordPress users)

This method is only for WordPress users so other user, please don’t mind this. To do this follow the below steps :

  1. First download this text file which contains all the URL to be pinged.
  2. Open your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Go to Settings -> Writing Settings
  4. There you will saw a Text Box with title as “Update Service
  5. There paste the content of the file you just downloaded

That’s it, now every time you post a new blog post all the search engines listed their will automatically pinged and will index your site.

So that’s all on how and why index your blog post faster by Google using Fetch as Google Tool

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