Hi guys today I am writing a very interesting article on how to get 2500 free backlinks instantly. Means you don’t have to do anything. And you also don’t have to pay a single penny. You will get these 2500 free backlinks instantly.

I think you will google it and you are going to find a lots of these services which provide free backlinks. But are these websites are safe or the backlinks they provide is of any use. Well I don’t know about that, but what I know is this method will surely get the work done because I tested it and it gave me perfect result.

But before going further let me tell you what is backlinks and what is their use for a website.

Getting 2500 free backlinks but what are backlinks?

How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly

Backlinks is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website. It is also known as incoming linksinbound linksinward links and inlinks that are incoming links to a website or web page.

Backlinks are so important for a website because they effect SEO, google pae rank, alexa rank very effectively. That  means if you have higher backlinks or there are many websites that are referring to your website, then it will lead to really good traffic.

There is a tool develop by IMTalk that will do this work. They created a  website submitter tool by which you can submit your website to high PR website’s which are mainly “who is”, “website statistics”“about us” type of websites that are regularly crawled by top most search engines. Many of them are “no follow” and many of them are “do follow”. But these websites are constantly crawled by google bots and other search engines.

How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly

Steps to get 2500 free backlinks instantly :

This process will take time. It takes almost 3 hour so do this when you have this much of time.

Step 1 : Open the website IMTalk in your browser.

Step 2 : Now you will be on the page having the tool and its description. Now in the fields write your website complete URL and its matching keyword. For example : I write http://technocr.com and in the next box I have written :SEO, WordPress, Windows, Internet Tricks, Trending.

How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly

Step 3 : From the list select 2500 as the number of websites from which you are going to get backlinks.

Step 4 : After that click on submit and that’s it now the backlinks will going to create. But you must not close that window. Now wait for 2-3 hour and you are done.

How to get 2500 free backlinks instantly

Step 5 : Now enjoy fast crawling and get a better page rank.

That’s all on how to get 2500 free backlinks instantly.

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