Hi Fellas, today I am going to tell you about Free Live TV streaming sites.  If you are like me then, I think you spend most of your time on the internet. Now internet is good because it gives you the proper control of what are things you wanted to do.

There are many benefits of using Internet, but there are certain disadvantages as well. The first one will be, that you become less physically active and your body will become weak.

Now, I can’t tell you how to deal with that problem but I have the solution to one other problem. That is the problem of not watching your favorite shows on the TV.

This one of my biggest problem because, I always forgot to watch my special show on the TV. So, to overcome this problem, I am listing here %s sites to watch Live TV.

Free Live TV Streaming Sites:

Before starting the list, I want to tell you these sites will stream live channels. This is not a list of movie streaming sites such as HULU.

Free Live Tv Streaming Sites:

1. Freee TVFree Live TV streaming Sites

On this site, you can watch almost 1957 online TV channels for free. It contains channels from many countries and that include India as well. But, mostly of this website channels contains a link. That means whenever you click on a channel it will redirect you to their official site to watch that channel. That may be geo restricted. So, it has some great features and some disadvantages as well, so it can be considered as one of the best live tv streaming sites available.

2. Live Tv Channels Free

It has a great number of channels which include Indian and foreign channels as well. Unlike the Free Tv, it does not contain the link to their official site. This is one of the Live TV Streaming Sites which has a self-built streaming option. It also gives you a choice to choose the quality, and it also chooses the quality according to your internet speed.

3. Live Tv Cafe

This is a great website with enormous number of TV channels to watch. The channels available on this site, are categorized into the different group. That makes the browsing a little bit easy. With that, it contains almost every popular channel. One of the best thing I like about this site is, it has very low amount of ads.

4. Filmon

Another great website to watch Live Tv. It contains many channels from many different countries. Most of its channels are free to watch but only in SD (Standard Definition) quality. To watch the channels in HD (High Definition), You have to pay them. Still its one of the best live tv streaming sites.

5. Beeline TV

This site is similar to the Free TV, I wrote above. It has many channels from almost all the countries. It also has a very less amount of ads. But the problem is same that it does not provide the streaming directly. It gives you the link to the official page of the channel. On that web page, you can watch the live TV.

6. Zenga TV

A great site and contains many channels to entertain you. I heard about it a while ago, but I tried it just a moment ago. This site is great and has many great features. First of all it is free and it has many channels. The ads are quite low and quality of the channels are great. This site have great feature which makes it one of the best live tv streaming sites available on the internet.

7. New Tv World

This is another website which offers free streaming of TV channels. It mostly contains Indian channels and have a good amount of it. More to that, the channels are easily played and the navigation is very easy. But, there is one thing I really don’t like it. It has many ads, plus the ads are overlaying the video and I don’t know where to click to remove them. Try them if you able to close the ads then you are good to go.

8. TV Player

This site has great design and very easy navigation system. It contains many channels and they can be easily streamed. All of its channels are English channels. But, there is also a problem with this site. This site can only accessed from United Kingdom.

9. Streema

This is one of the website which I liked. It contains many channels and they mostly are in English. They do not have any restriction and the amount of ads are also quite low. This channels can be easily streamed from anywhere.

10. Yupp TV

This site has great design very few ads and very good service. Easily accessible and very good navigation system. With live streaming, you can also watch your favorite episodes as well. That means if you miss your program, you will still be able to watch this. So, it is great and one of the best live tv streaming sites.

Live TV Streaming Sites

So, that is all in live tv streaming sites available on the internet.

I also heard about many other sites which I didn’t mention here. When I opened them a message popped up that their URL is blacklisted. So, you can try those websites as well.

If there are any suggestion or if I have forgotten about any website, then please mention in the comments.

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