Elimination Chamber 2014 Result Orton retains Championship

Elimination Chamber 2014 Result Orton retains Championship

Elimination ChamberHi guys, I just watch the elimination chamber 2014 and I am pretty surprised. I mean my first reaction was what the fuck just happened. Randy Orton retains the championship and still is the face of WWE in terms of  Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Not so long ago Randy Orton was on a losing streak. If I remember correctly then Randy orton was defeated by each participant of the elimination chamber which was John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Caesaro, Sheamus in a one on one match with pinfall or submition as the resulting stipulation.



Elimination Chamber 2014 Orton Retains Championship.

Elimination ChamberSo the match begins with Cesaro and Sheamus in the ring, which was unbelievable because as the current champion must be the one to enter in the elimination chamber. After that both are joined by Daniel Bryan, until this point no one was eliminated. As the match continues Sheamus still tries to dominate both of them. Then the entry of Christian came into the moment. Now Christian somehow manage to deliver a frog splash to Sheamus and the first elimination occur.  But the joy for Christian soon become sorrow, as was attacked by Daniel Bryan with running knee and the second pinfall of the elimination chamber occurs.

Elimination Chamber : Entry Of John Cena

Then the entry of the Cena occur, and I thought now the table is going to turned up and down. I seriously thought that Cena is going to win this Elimination Chamber. After coming Cena made a STF on Cesaro which results in the submition of Cesaro. So the third elimination Occurred.

Elimination ChamberThen the match was going on, there was interference from The Wyatt Family occur. I don’t know what is their problem with John Cena and why John Cena fight with them in the recent weeks. I mean they were the reason he lost the title to Randy Orton in the Royal Rumble. Again they only strike John Cena and after a Sister Abigail¬†from Bray Wyatt John Cena was pinned by Randy Orton who entered last in the elimination chamber. The result were pretty clear now, I know that Randy is gonna win because Daniel is not as capable as Randy Orton and he was also tired at the moment. So Randy Orton wins the Elimination Chamber 2014.

My thoughts on this elimination chamber are, I think that Triple H and Stephanie or the management made the attack on John Cena from The Wyatt Family. They still wants that Randy Orton stays the face of the WWE. And more of that what I experienced is if a group like this formed they must get into a fight with John Cena, because the same is done by The Nexus (Now is no more) and the Shield after their formation attacks on John Cena. So, lets see what will be going to happen with John Cena in Wrestlemanian. And because Randy Orton retains the title he will be Facing Batista the winner of the Royal Rumble.

That’s all I have to say on Elimination Chamber.

If you have any other thoughts on elimination chamber then please comment below.


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