Hello guys, I am sure you are having a good day. There were times when I wanted to do somethings. I couldn’t do those things since a chain was attached to me it was holding me back.

Now I don’t mean the chain literally, I mean that there were some situation which were blocking my way.

I always thought that what if I do when all of my problems are solved. That is what I am writing here.

The Five things I will do if I have the life I dreamt of:

1. There are places I like to visit, but I know that can not happen. But if I do not have any worries to handle then I will gladly visit these places. We know that there are 7 wonders of the world. I want to visit them and also wants to know that why they are known as wonders.

After that, I will visit England cause I am a huge fan of Merlin and wants to know more about it by roaming in England. After that, there are certain other places such California, Las Vegas, Russia, Australia, Dubai and many more. This will be my first tasks if I have the life I dream of.

2. I live in a small home but if I have the life I dream of then my home will be large. By large I mean it will be enormous such that it will have lots of rooms plus other things. My house will be very large plus the area around it will be great as well. I will be centered on not so crowded place. It has the same showers that have been seen the Happy New Year movie, which will automatically start after the sunset.

My home will have a Basketball court, A football ground, A swimming pool and lots of other things as well.

This will be my house if I have the life I always dream of.

3. I am very fond of eating. So if will have my type of life then I will eat a lot of different food. I will visit all the best place for India and other countries as well which are very popular for their food. I will taste everything and also give them a good reward for this food.

I will also taste different types of chocolate. I will eat all the famous one from all the famous places.

4. I have always heard of these fast racing cars, but I haven’t seen them in real. If I have the life I want then I will see all of them. I want to drive every car of my dreams such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes and some others.

Lamborghini is my favorite since I have played Need For Speed a lot. Driving this car in the street of India will be my dream come true.

I also want a driver and one Rolls Royce and he will drive me to my every friend home. This will definitely give me a feel of Royalty.

5. I am a great of the anime series, but I can’t watch them all day. Since I have to work and study as well. Since I have the life I want that means I have nothing to worry about. I can watch the anime series anytime I want. That will make my life a lot better and will fill it with joy.

There are many anime series which I like to watch and since I have got so much time and nothing to worry, I can easily watch them.

So, that’s all on my list that I want if I have the life I dream of.

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Rohit Sharma
I am Rohit, a simple author on this website. I am still studying and learning new things everyday. I am not a perfect blogger just a newbie. I just love latest technology and have a addict to write and share what I know cause sharing is caring.
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