You created a new blog or website and now you are working hard to make it better. But you want it to be a great website and that’s why you use the power of the SEO. But if you don’t know that there is also an opposite force that can crush your dreams. This force is named as “Negative SEO” .

Negative SEO happens when Google detects something unnatural about your incoming links. As Google states many times that  if you buy links or do some unethical way to create links just to manipulate  then that’s not good for you.

If that happens Google will penalize you and can remove some of your pages or your complete site from its index. These things are mostly happen with new websites so it’s better to first take a defense from the negative SEO.

But if you ask i haven’t done anything wrong then why would I need a defense?

Then think about this fact that Google does not check any page manually. All the things are done by it’s spiders and web crawlers. And by mistake they can think of you as a spammer and can send Google’s warrior to remove you from their index.

What to do for – Defense Against Negative SEO

Work Hard and Write Content in large amount

When you started a new website, give that more time so to create content in large amount. Creating content in large amount will have two effects on your website. First it will save you from the negative SEO and it will bring more traffic to you since these contents will show up in search results and bring you more traffic.

With more content you will get more pages on your website and that means you can have high amount of legitimate links. And also make sure that your content is of high quality, have some decent pictures,  should be moderately long, and easy to understand.

Don’t create backlinks using unethical means

Do not try to become over smart and build links in an unethical ways using some software or bot or something like it. So you should start building organic links which may be follow or noFollow, can be from high authority sites or lower authority sites. Make sure that you kept the quality and quantity balanced.

For Creating such links you can use Blog Commenting, Directory Submission and writing Guest Post. These links will be robust and serve you well.

But there is thing to note here, while commenting on blog only write if you have something. Don’t write any nonsense just to create some links. With that, the blog owner can put your comment to spam and as the most bloggers use Akismet then there will be a chance that your domain will be blacklisted by Akismet.

So try making links which are valid as well as robust.

Apply the authorship on your blog

Now, I know what you will gonna say that Google has removed the profile picture from the search results. It is true that Google did that but that doesn’t mean that it is the end of authorship.

By applying the authorship, it will give you an identity of an author. The Google bots will pay you a little much more respect and hence this thing will save you from becoming the victim of negative SEO. It will also helps in building an online presence as a blogger or webmaster or something like that.

Maintain the Security and save it from Hackers

computersThis is the most threatening thing that can happen to you. And in most of the cases this happens to WordPress users. There are cases when a hacker will breach your security and delete your pages, crash your database and replace your homepage with their page as well. In those cases you will have the perfect what has been done.

But there are certain other cases in which a hacker will breach your security and will add some of its code and it will take very much time to find out there is something wrong with the website. But Google won’t take much time to find that out and soon you will be hit by the negative SEO.

To avoid this you can use extra firewall services such as Sucuri and keep checking with your hosting provider that is your server is up to date or not.

If you are on WordPress than you can use some extra plugins such as plugins Wp Login Security 2Wp Security Scan and WordFence Security. And more to that you can also limit the number of tries to login.

Also use a secure and unique password and keep the back up as well. In case you feel something is strange restore your site with the backup you have taken.

Create all the social profiles

Social_NetworkWhen you created the blog or the website after that don’t forget to create social profiles of all the known networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. This is because to fight with negative SEO you need audience, links and an online reputation and social networks will be helpful in building links as well as sending traffic.

This will also make your site to be subscribed by the readers easily. By this you can also interact with your audience as well as the fellow bloggers as well.

Build a robust online presence

After creating the blog, increase your presence by keeping in touch with other bloggers. Interact with them, appreciate them about their work, follow them on twitter, retweet their tweets and etc.

This will help you in making an online presence and people will start to know you. But with this process, you also have to start the link building process as well. Like write for them, comment on their or ask them to do a link exchange.

With all of these two things will surely happen to you. First you will get quality links and other you got some online reputation. And in case you get hit by negative SEO, they will surely help you to get back on the right track.

Use the Disavow Tool Effectively

The Disavow tool is a tool provided by Google in their webmaster tools. It is like a sword to fight with the negative SEO, and why is that because it can remove the bad quality backlinks.

Keep the Google Analytics verified and attach with the webmaster tools. Also use the OpenSiteExplorer to find out the incoming links to your site. With the awesome features of OpenSiteExplorer you can easily find out the bad quality links. With that keep on removing bad quality links.

Now it will take time if you start disavowing a single link at a time. Instead of that you can disavow an entire domain using the disavow tool. It also save your time and all the bad links coming from a particular website will be removed.

This will save your time and also make your blog immune to newly coming links from that site as well.

That’s the end of Defense from the negative SEO

In the end I can only say that, there are no shortcut on getting huge success. You have to work hard for that. Using some unethical means such as buying links will give you some success but it will be for a very short time.

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