Hello guys, this is my Eighth post on the creepy series. So all the things written here are completely fictional.

So the story starts with a group of young man and woman. There were 6 people on the group and they were, Alan, Leon, Bobby, Sara, Miley and Fenah. Out of the six Alan, Leon and Bobby were boys and rest were the girls.

All of them were studying in the same college and in the same class. One day there teacher told them about a legend of the town in which this college is situated. The legend said that there was a very popular singer who used to live here. But he did not became popular because he sang good songs. He became popular because he traded his soul with the devil.

That was devil’s power who made him this popular. Then Alan asked that what happened to that singer. The teacher told him that one day he was found that and the reason for his death is still unknown. He also told that his guitar is seemed to be cursed as many people went to the cave where his body was found and never came back.

Then Bobby asked his teacher that why any one on Earth wants his guitar. To which the teacher replied, it is because it is very valuable and the price of that guitar in the market is over $5 Millions.

This piece of information was all that the group needed. After the class was over, every one was talking about that singer and his guitar. Every one was thinking that if they found the guitar then the will become rich.

Then suddenly Alan said, “I think that we should go to that cave and retrieve that guitar.”. To which Sara replied, “Are you out of your mind? The teacher just said that it is cursed.”

Then Bobby said, “Teacher did not know a thing. He is still living in the past and we all know that there is nothing like curses.”.

To this Leon replied, “May be there is not a curse, but may be there is. I do not know about you guys, but I would not put my life in danger.”.

Then Fenah said, “Don’t be a coward, nothing will happen to us. And Bobby is right there is nothing like curse in this world. We all know that something like that does not exist.”.

Then Mile said, “Well, I usually pass something like this but here we are talking about $5 Million. I think we should go to that cave and bring the guitar.”.

After a lots of discussion, the group decided that they would go to the cave tomorrow. The rest of the story is in the next part.

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