Hello fellas, this is my ninth post in the creepy series. So everything written here is completely fictional.

As you can read in the title, it is the second part of my previous story “Death by Music Part 1”.

So, where were we?

The whole group of those six kids was talking about to go into the cave. And they finally decided that yes, they would go there.

That night the six friends Alan, Leon, Bobby, Sara, Miley and Fenah came out of their house and met at the corner of the street. Every one was holding a flash light and every one was scared.

Then Alan said, “Let’s go and do this thing.”. All the group went to that cave. The entrance of the cave was blocked and warning boards were there. Those warning boards have a notice which said, “Do not enter.”.

Bobby, tore that board and they all entered the cave. The cave was very dark and without the torch they could not see anything. They started searching here and there and by that, they keep progressing into the cave.

They went too far from the entrance. The whole group started to believe that there is no threat and there is no guitar here as well.

Then they saw a reflection of something. They saw that there was a hole in the front wall and the guitar was lying up there. All of them rush towards that hole. But, they saw that, there was something written just above the hole. It was written that “Door to hell”. After reading this, the whole group started laughing and thought that, some one has written this on purpose.

After that, Alan went into the hole to grab the guitar. He then saw that the guitar was under a large rock. He asked for help and one by one all the members of the group went inside the hole.

All of the members pushed the rock and finally the rock was moved. They got the guitar but, as soon as Alan touch the guitar a minor earth quake came into the area. That earthquake managed to throw some rocks which blocked the entrance of the hole.

Now all of the members were stuck inside that hole. Sara started screaming and every one became very scared.

Then Bobby said that it is not to be worried. He said that, “We can clear the path.”. He and the other two boys started pushing the rock. And finally the rock moved and the path was cleared.

They became so relaxed but as they were about to exit the cave, the guitar started to produce sound. It was in the air and someone or something was playing it. When that music reaches in the ear of those group, their ears started bleeding.

Their eyes, started coming out and blood was coming out from all the places. Soon after some time, they were dead and the guitar was lying there.

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