Hi guys, I was reading my newspaper and found out about a new trojan named Cryptolocker. So I did some research, now those who don’t know what trojan is. Let me explain you, have you heard the story of the trojan horse in which the trojan army hiding and when it enters the city they destroyed that city.

This is exactly the same function of a trojan and the name is also derived from the trojan horse story as well. Trojan enters in our system, while hiding in some program or in any documents and after entering they starts destroying our system.

At this time Cryptolocker is the most dangerous trojan present on the internet. What Cryptolocker does is, Cryptolocker came in your system and will encrypt your important file and will demand a ransom of 100 USD/ 100 EUR and well that’s a huge amount. After that your files can be saved. If you have a backup of your file you can be saved but if you don’t you are fucked up.

Although CryptoLocker itself is readily removed, files remain encrypted in a way which researchers have considered infeasible to break.

Many say that the ransom should not be paid, but do not offer any way to recover files

others say that paying the ransom is the only way to recover files that had not been backed up.

CryptoLocker : How it is spread:

Reports shows that it mostly spreading through emails. But Cryptolocker won’t get in as you open the email. That email will have an attachment to it, You need to open the email and actually download the zip file inside it. Hiding inside that zip file is a double-extension file such as *.pdf.exe. The .exe file lets CryptoLocker run on your computer, while the innocuous .pdf extension hides the file’s true function.

Well its hard to say which files cryptolocker will gonna encrypt but, if it got in your system then you sure are fucked up.

And from most of the sources I find that almost all the antivirus are unable to detect cryptolocker and can’t delete it. So, you have to trust your instincts and don’t download any attachment from an unknown email.


CryptoLocker : how the ransom is demanded:

Now after getting into your system cryptolocker will show you a timer of 60 minutes and will ask you to pay 100 USD/ 100 EUR. But how the payment has been done? What will happen if the payment is not done in 60 minutes?

For payment cryptolocker will take you to a website and will ask you to buy a voucher of 100 USD /100 EUR. Cryptolocker will also show you a message that if you turn off your pc or get disconnected from internet then your file will be encrypted forever and can’t be opened ever again.

Now what will happen if the payment is not being done in 60 minutes? The answer is now it will ask you to pay 1,000 USD/ 1,000 EUR. Yes ten times the previous amount.

And if the pc got disconnected or get turn off ? Don’t worry this message is shown because once the system got turn off Cryptolocker won’t encrypt your files further so it will help you in a way.

CryptoLocker : how to save your files after getting infected:

Unfortunately there is no perfect method available in the market to remove cryptolocker. And I won’t say that you should pay the ransom. It must be the stupidest thing to do.

First, as soon you see the message turn off the computer. By doing this those files which are not get encrypted can still be saved. Next, you need to figure out what damage has been done. Which files have you lost? Do you have backups of these files? If you don’t have backups, have you checked Windows’ System Restore files, which sometimes automatically back up the computer for you?

If you got the backup you need than do a perfect formatting of the system and delete every fucking thing.

Cryptolocker : will giving the ransom works or not ?

Well its been reported that after giving the ransom you can get your files back. But I won’t suggest doing that because that will motivate other programmers as well to write such viruses.

That’s all for now guys stay safe.

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