Hi guys today we are talking about the top 6 cloud storage Providers.

There are many cloud service available over the internet which are paid and free as well. But today I am going to tell you the top 5 according to me.

First of all what is cloud storage ?

Cloud storage is a model of networked enterprise storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them. The data center operators, in the background, virtualize the resources according to the requirements of the customer and expose them as storage pools, which the customers can themselves use to store files or data objects. Physically, the resource may span across multiple servers and multiple locations. The safety of the files depends upon the hosting companies, and on the applications that leverage the cloud storage providers.

So lets start the count down

Top 6 Cloud Storage Providers

Cloud Storage Providers

1. DropBox :- I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t hear its name.  Dropbox is may be the oldest in therms of cloud storage providers. DropBox has a free sign up, procedure which will give you a data of 2 Gb, but that’s not it just downloading their software and installing it will get you more 0.5 Gb. There are still some things left and if you complete them as well you will get a total of 3.5Gb. Still not the end of getting free space. For every referral you make you will again get 0.5Gb for each referral. But it has a limit of 16Gb. Don’t worry about the referral I will soon a write an article on how to get 16Gb of data without any referral.

DropBox application is available to every platform except windows phone 🙁 .Yeah it will provide you a totally amazing interface and will sync your files between cloud and your computer, Mac, Mobile etc. There are many third party apps which uses its api code to make application on top of it making it a great cloud storage providers.


Cloud Storage Providers

2. Google Drive :- Writing google drive’s name in here is not that surprising. Google Drive which is not as old as other cloud storage providers, but due to its features we are seeing its name here. Drive has only been around for about a year, but the fact that it combines the tools that formerly known as Google Docs (Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Drawing), all of your files created with those tools, and 15GB of storage for anything else you want makes it a strong contender. It provide apps to access it on almost all the platforms such as windows, android, IOS, mac, windows phone etc. It can also be used to share heavy files. Plus it is must to those who use google services a lot. It comes with every gmail account you make. All the features combination makes it an awesome cloud service providers.


Cloud Storage Providers

3. Skydrive :- Skydrive used to be a little difficult to use when first it is started. But now with Microsoft Cloud Service it is tightly integrated with those devices running windows 8, such as windows phone, windows 8 Pc, Tablets etc.  And if you use office 2013 on the web or on the pc then skydrive is the best option on for syncing your files on different platform. It got really nice graphics and functionality and its app is available to all the platforms.

For this you need a Microsoft account such live or Hotmail. After signing you will get 7Gb of free storage or 10Gb if you are student and have .edu id. It is also integrated with third party apps. Which uses its API and store your data in it. All of theses awesome features and better control over the files makes it a good cloud service providers.


Cloud Storage Providers

4. SugarSync :- Sugarsync is not as as famous as other cloud storage providers. But its got a huge syncing option. I feel that it should be famous as well as others after seeing its functionality. It provide many apps to backup data and to retrieve it. It can sync not your file but the whole folder instantly as it changes. It can be used as a backup for different things or as a traditional cloud storage service in which you will dropped a file and it will get uploaded to the cloud. It is a really good service and it provide apps for all the platform such as android, IOS, Mac, windows, windows phone. While they are not promoting their free plan but you will sure get that by clicking above on the image. The free plan includes 5Gb of space for more you can check out their pricing. So its still not promoting its free stuff that much but by still functioning it is one of the best cloud storage providers.


Cloud Storage Providers

5. Copy :- Yeah, yeah I know you never heard about it. Its a new service which I saw several days ago in an ad. I register on this site to see what it’s usage. But when I check out its features I was astonished. When you signup you will get 15Gb of free data. But that’s not all, you will get 5Gb more when you confirm your email. Still not done 5Gb more when you made a single referral. This means a total of 25Gb, much more than any other free cloud service. And that’s not all it also provide 5 free accounts to be used for companies and have their pricing much lower than dropbox. It provides a great security to the data you upload.

What Cnet says about it  “For users who want to buy lots of space for less, it appears Copy has the best deal.”

It provides app for each platform such as windows, android, mac, ios, windows phone. Means your data will all be synced on all the system and a greater storage is also there which far greater than any other free service. It is a must have account to windows 8 phone users, because as still their is no official dropbox app is available in windows 8 phone copy will really come in handy. All I can say its one of the best Cloud Storage Providers.


Cloud Storage Providers

6.Bitcasa Infinite Drive :- Bitcasa is also a good service, bitcasa provide an awesome cloud storage. Bitcasa have a virtually unlimited hard disk space ( by unlimited I mean in terabytes ). It provide apps for all the famous platform such as windows, android, mac, ios as well as in their tablet forms. It provide a direct streaming of movies and music from their server. There is also an extension available for chrome which will use to download your items in the bitcasa cloud folder. In the free account bitcasa provides 10Gb of data. But if you are willing to pay then you can get unlimited storage at 99$/month. Yeah just keep uploading and bitcasa will take care of your data, no extra bills no limitations. Making it one of the best Cloud Storage Providers.

That’s all on top 6 Cloud Storage Providers.

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If I forget anything, or do you think I miss any service on the list then please comment below

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