Almost 3 years ago, we were using the 2G and then we were introduced to the 3G speed. It gave us many new possibilities such as video calling, faster internet and many other things. But, as the we are moving forward, even the speed of 3G seems to be a little slower.

Well, that is why I am telling you to try the Airtel 4G Speed. Airtel has already declared that there internet is the fastest internet in India.

But, how can we tell that 4G is that good? Well for that, Airtel is running a campaign on Twitter in which Airtel will tell you the difference between 2G, 3G and 4G speed.

Airtel 4G Speed Test

Now in this campaign, you just have to post a Tweet on Twitter. Now, in this Tweet you will write a name of the app which is available on play store and it can be any app. And, then Airtel will tell you how much time it will take to download the app using 2G, 3G and the latest 4G.

Your Tweet must be in a given format which is : @airtelindia #Airtel4GSpeedTest <AppName>


Here, replace <AppName> with any app you want.

I also tried, to post some Tweet. So, I am posting the Tweet which is put on Twitter.

Tweet 1


So, as you can see I tried to test the speed for downloading the Facebook app which is a very popular app on play store. The size of this app is 35.5 Mb, that means it is quite a big app. I mean most of the app on the play store are of 5-10 mb range. So, lets see what are the results are presented by Airtel.

After waiting for a few seconds, I received a notification. I saw that Airtel has posted a Tweet and I was mentioned in it. This Tweet also has a picture attached to it. Have a look at it from Below.

Tweet 1


So, as you can see that it will take more than 2.5 hours to download this app on 2G. Thank God, we do not have 2G now.

As on 3G, the time is relatively very small. If we compare them then it might be around 20 times faster than 2G.

But, in case of 4G, it is again 20 times faster than 3G. I was so surprised to see the result that it can download the complete app in just 38 seconds, that means not even a minute.

Now, I know that 3G and 4G do not have a very large difference, but that is for a small app. For example,  if you are going to download a heavy game, then there will come very large difference between the timings of the 3G and 4G.

Also in that speed. you can watch the HD movies without buffering very easily.

If you also want to test that speed in front of your eyes, then you can also do that. Just visit to your nearest Airtel office. All the details can be found out on Airtel’s website.

So, that’s all on Airtel 4G Speed Test

Now, what are you waiting for do the Airtel 4G Speed Test now.

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