Hi guys what’s up, today  I am coming up with CDNIFY Review Let’s supercharge our website. If you can recall my previous post in which I talked about CDN or Content Delivery Networks. If you don’t know what I am talking about than go ahead and click on the below link :

Can Content Delivery Network Speed Up Website ?

Now Lets come to our main topic, CDNIFY. But first lets know what is CDNIFY and what it can do ?


CDNIFY is a Content Delivery Network, which can supercharge your website as well as your apps (For Developers). They are promising a great service in a very affordable price. I mean the service is really very much if we compare with its price. Unlike other CDN networks which are only focused on large website or enterprises they pay attention to every one, Even if you are internet giant or a newbie blogger.

Now there is a famous dialogue from a Hindi Movie which is said by Anil Kapoor in Tashan which is :

[themify_quote]First Impression is the Last Impression[/themify_quote]

Which is quite true, and if you go to their website you will find absolute beauty in the design of the website and in all the elements.

Now you would ask me what it has to do with their service ?

Well if you give it a thought it is good, perfection of their design implies that they are damn serious about their work. That’s not all it also implies that they are creative and know how the things are working right around.

I even got a flow chart about them :


But let’s forget that and check out its other qualities.

CDNIFY REVIEW – Performance of the site Under CDNIFY

First of all a Content Delivery Network (CDN) has to boost the performance of the website. So, this is our first test about them.

I tested their service on TechnoCR and the results were out standing. Now I am presenting you the result in the below sliders. I used PingDom to test my website speed, and as you can see the speed of the website got approximately doubled.

Since speed of a site doesn’t remains constant that’s why I am presenting you more than one result.

Without CDNIFY CDN Service:

  • Speed CDNIFY Before 1
  • Speed CDNIFY Before 2
  • Speed CDNIFY

With CDNIFY CDN Service:

  • Speed CDNIFY After 2
  • Speed CDNIFY After 3
  • Speed CDNIFY After 4
  • Speed CDNIFY After

CDNIFY REVIEW- A Better Analytic Board

Along with the performance it also provide a better analytic board in which you can check how your site is working. It will also show you that which country is getting most of the data and how much data you currently have and how much data is caching in each visit.

Overall it will give a quick review about the working of your website with the Content Delivery Network. And other details such as your remaining data or bandwidth, your monthly plan, and some other things.

But the story doesn’t ends here I have written some main features of the CDNIFY below. Have a look at that.

CDNIFY REVIEW – What are the main features of CDNIFY ?

What are the main features of CDNIFY

1. Easy Installation : That was the first thing I really like about the CDNIFY. If you have ever used any CDN then you should know that most of them has a very complex type of  installation. Which include changing your nameserver. Now it’s not that complex you just have to change your nameserver that’s it, but there is a huge problem in doing that, don’t know what ?

Ok I will tell you

When you change your nameserver then it takes 24-48 hours to resolve the DNS. Which means your blog or site goes down, may be not for you but for someone else. With that you will gonna loose your precious customer and the visitors as well.

But in the case of CDNIFY the installation is so easy and it doesn’t include the complex process such as changing the nameserver. You just have to change the originating address of your site to the address they provide you.

Wait if you not understand that, then let me clear it out.

For example I am using  a “favicon”(The little icon which appear in the address bar) and it has an address (http://technocr.com/favicon.png) then you just have to change the address to the on which they provide for example in my case “technocr.a.cdnify.io” so the new url of the favicon will be “http://technocr.a.cdnify.io/favicon.jpg”, and that’s it.

If still not know what to do, then don’t worry cause the next feature will solve this.

2. Awesome Customer Support : I think customer support service is the main thing any service provider should give. And for their customer support service is really amazing. I started using their service like 20 days ago and at that time I got no clue what I have to do, so I applied the installation but it was not working very effectively.

So, I contacted their customer support service to know if I had done something wrong. And for my surprise I got my query answered instantly which gives me a little surprise. After some days of that incident I again contacted their customer support service to ask some basic questions and BAZINGA my query was answered in 10 minutes.

So, it feels like instead of sending mails I am doing a regular instant chat with them 🙂 .

So if you have any problem just drop them a mail and that’s it and the experts will handle your problem.

3. No Additional Cost : By this I mean you don’t have to pay more money if you are using a third site with your basic plan. Did I go too technical ?

Then let me explain :

When you buy a basic plan from any CDN provider then you got lots of bandwidth. But there is a limit that you can only use two sites or blog to use that bandwidth. Now if you want that your third site or blog can also use the bandwidth you got, than that can also happen. But for that you have to additional charges.

So, if I am correct you have to pay additional charges for using your bandwidth which is going to be wasted.

But in the case of CDNIFY this thing is ruled out. You don’t have to pay additional charges for that. You can use your bandwidth to power up some of your other site.

Hey Look Below Our Own Ajay Verma, what just tweeted :

 But the features aren’t over.

4. Single Account for website and apps : One of the best thing about CDNIFY is that you can also use their service to supercharge your apps. But you don’t need an additional account for that.

That means if you are a blogger or owns a site and you are a developer as well and creating lots of good apps. Then you can use your same account to supercharge your apps and then you have to pay nothing for that.

But have you ever thought that, using CDN to power up your apps. I heard this thing for the first time but after I goggled about it then I came to know this is pretty much common.

So that means you will get a premium CDN service for your apps for free with you own website CDN service. (The service will be limited to the amount of your bandwidth).


5. Pricing : The pricing is a very determining factor about any service provider. But if the price is very cheap then the service will suck and if the service is too great then the prices will be much higher (Just an observation by me on the internet).

This thing is also ruled out in CDNIFY and I can’t say their price is cheap, the correct word for there service would be affordable. With this affordable price their service is far too great (I don’t know how they are managing this but for us its great 🙂 ).

Their basic plan starts from 10$ a month in which you will get 150 Gb of bandwidth. Now if you compare this price with other CDN providers you will find out that at this rate the bandwidth they are providing is too low. So, that’s make the CDNIFY on the upper level.

Not only that on other CDN providers you can only use 2-3 website with this basic plan. And if you want to use another domain then you have to pay extra but you will not get any additional bandwidth.

This is not happening in the case of CDNIFY, with their basic plan you can use upto 10 websites. Isn’t that great ? that means more saving and a premium service as well.


6. All The Tutorials Provided : You know if I am telling you all that, CDNIFY has easy installation, It is good for SEO, You can easily integrate with any CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Joomla, Magento etc. But I am not giving you any tutorial on how is that get done, well I don’t have to 🙂 .

This is one of the best thing about CDNIFY that they are providing you tutorials video as well as written, with clear steps and pictures. So, I don’t think that I should use this review to write about how to integrate your CMS or any other thing with their CDN network.

To know more about the tutorial, just go to CDNIFY and from the Top menu click on Learn or you can just click here to get to that page. Give that a shot and don’t worry you don’t need an account to view this content.

I find out the tutorials quite fascinating as they are well written and every steps are crystal clear and provided with every detail you need.

So After reading this CDNIFY REVIEW, if you are interested in getting a CDN :



So that’s all on this review if you like the service then go ahead to CDNIFY and give it a shot.

If you like the article then please share it and if you got any queries regarding this CDN network you can ask it in the comments.

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