Today, I am gonna talk about which has given a platform to share our trip stories and get the info about the cars.

But before that I must say its been a long time since I have written a post. Because I was on a long trip with my family. I want to tell you all about that but I can’t since this is a techno blog and It is not meant for any personal experience I have. Now what if there is a social portal like facebook in which we can share our vacation experience or of long drive with family and friends (except for some which are with special ones, if you know what I mean 🙂 ).

Well other social portals provide us these types of things but they came up with many limitations. Like a person has to be your friend or he has to follow or something like that.

Other than that social portals doesn’t meant for sharing a unique thing they are meant to share everything you have in your mind.

So what we need is a social portal which is only built for sharing our vacation stories, our adventurous trips, our long drives, our jokes in their our pictures and some other things.

So than I came to know about the which is a social portal for sharing these things. When I heard about this the thing came out of my mouth is “God you really are listening to me 🙂 “. TechnoCR

So Exactly what is ?

First of all I really like their name, cause according to me a website name should tell a story about it, and their name is really giving us an idea what is it about.

So, what it can do and why would I need this for ?

As I was giving you an example above, I will give you that again. Lets take an example you go to a very adventurous trip and you are dying to tell people what happened their.

You go to their website and write an article on your journey you know some points which you really like on that trip.

Then this story will be publish to their website and not only your social networks friends but all the visitors visiting their site can have access to your stories.

So your story will get seen by more people, more people can enjoy your adventorous ride. And “This is my special part” you will be praise by many people as well.

[themify_quote]First your submitted story will be moderated by their staff and then its going to publish. This is because so that relevant and good quality material is accepted only.[/themify_quote]

How do I sign up for that ?

This is also simple as well, you don’t have to sign up, you just have yo sign in. As it supports the sign in from facebook account so you can login using your facebook account and can add as many experience you want.

Now there is a benefit in doing that as well. First of all your publish story can be taken to your wall, and you can be in contact with the friends who already join the Carconnect.

What are the benfits of sharing a experience on ?

One shares his experience so that other could enjoy the ride he had, and praise him. So that means it  has the power to turn you into a social Rockstar.

Other than that they provide badges to tell how much a person is contributed to the Carconnect.

As I can see now in my profile, I need 4 more articles to get a silver badge. But that would take 2 or 3 weeks as I am too lazy 🙁 .

But as the number of badges increases so increases your social influence. And if you get all the highest badges or some of the highest badges then your profile pic is going to be on the first page of the .

What else it have other than sharing our experience on

Yes there are more things to get from as you can see in the menu. I am telling a bit about every one.

Leaderboard : TechnoCRThis is the place where the badge owners and their info is displayed. For the first time you get there and share a thing then it will be difficult to find yourself there.

But as you continue contributing to the Carcoonect then soon your profile pic is going to be on the first page.

Long Drive : TechnoCRThis is the place where all the share stories of the long drive are provided. When you visit the page you will see cities name. That is the basis of classification of the long drive experience.

You just have to select the city and soon you will surrounded by many stories.

You can my story as well in the Delhi corner.

Compare Cars TechnoCRThis is an awesome thing I must tell that it is giving very useful info. If you are planning to buy a car then this is the right tool for you. I mean instead of searching on Google about comparison of different cars you can get that details directly from this tool.

This has solve the problem of my neighbor, you should also go ahead and compare your cars  as well.

Car News : TechnoCRIf this column was absent from there site then I will get hugely disappointed. But no there it is a page about the car news.

It contains all the things about cars like which car is going to release, when its going to release, what are the modification is done in it, what are the position of different car manufacturers, what is going on the in the automobile world and all the other things.

I am also finding very interesting stories here and if you are an automobile lover then you will gonna love this as well.

New Launches : TechnoCRI don’t think this needs an introduction, this topic includes all the info about the new car releases. This is a great place of keep tracks of the new cars and their details.

So basically it contains all the relevant details about the cars such as when its going to be released, is there any competitor present in the market, what are the major things present in the car, what its expected price, what are its limitation, what makes it different from other and some other things.

Means you will get all the info about the new cars and all the above mentioned things.



That’s all on , if you like the review then please visit it and share this article as well.

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