Hello friends, this is the seventh story in my creepy story series. So all the things that are written here are completely fictional.

This story is about Leon who is a good father and a sweet husband. He loves his kid and his wife a lot. He is working in a big corporate company so he did not get much time to be with his family.

His family also knew that why he remain absent most of the time. But, it is a happy family where every one love each other.

Whenever he went home, his wife sang him a song which usually help him to sleep. So, you can say it was much of a lullaby.

Now one night something strange happened at Leon’s house. He was sleeping and was in a very deep sleep. He knew that, he does not have anything to do tomorrow so he was very relieved.

He was having this kind of sleep after a long time and he did not want any one to distract him or wake him. Then suddenly his wife came running towards him. She wake him up and told him that there is some one in the kitchen.

After hearing this Leon woke up and took a bat which was lying behind the door. He was very terrified and told her wife to call the police. There was total silence in the house. Leon can even heard the sound of the clock.

He went to the kitchen but found there was no one. He lit the light and search for the intruders every where but he was not able to find any one. He thought that, they escaped from the window.

Suddenly, he heard a shouting from his wife. He ran over to his room and found the dead body of his wife. After seeing that first John look here and there and saw no one. He then started crying. He cried and cried a lot.

After that he took the phone and dialed the number of the police. The phone of the police was ringing then suddenly a thought came to his mind and his body got froze.

Did you know what was the thought ?

I told you that his wife’s music let him sleep well, but he was getting this sleep after a long time. Why is that, it is because her wife died three months ago.

This thought terrified him a lot and Leon did not want to look back at the body of his wife. Then suddenly the dead body stood up and came in front of him.

The dead body then told him “Hi, honey did you miss me? Should I sing another song so that you can sleep?”.

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