As we all know that day to day, the smartphones are getting much more powerful. I mean a simple and cheap smartphone would still be more powerful than old computers.

Because of that, many gaming companies are coming into the app market with many great games. So, the question arises Can mobile replace Console and PC gaming.

Well, if I talk about me then I am not much of a fan of Mobile gaming. But, I am a hardcore PC gamer and that may be because I am playing on PC from a very long time. I also know many other people who love mobile gaming and then even made such scores which made a mark on the leaderboards.

The mobile gaming industry is developing so faster that, now you can play casino on your cell phone. I was also surprised by this fact, but it is true. You can play mobile casino games at casino.comSo with that, you do not need to go to any club or something like that. Even you do not have to go outside the house or even your room. And you can play it whenever you want and where ever you want. This type of independence can only be given by mobile. Because in the case of console and PC you have to sit at the same place. But there are certain other things in that determines the fact that whether mobile are able to replace the console or not.


I asked this question to those people who are more into mobile gaming and I got some awesome replies from them.

Despite the sea of possibilities being offered by console and PC gaming. Mobile gaming is hands down the best.
You can download games from any category you like from the app stores and tada! Get set go.
Despite the huge processing capabilities and added benefits of graphic cards, Pc and console gaming limits our possibilities and affects our mobility too. Let’s face it, one cannot pick their PC to every room of the house and neither can they be taken outdoors.
Nevertheless, with mobile gaming, you never have to put a stop your gaming time. You can play on the go and be where ever you want without your movability being affected.
Over the years mobile gaming has evolved a lot and with repeated enhancements has surfaced to be better than PC or console gaming.

We already getting the best headphone for our smartphone. I mean those things are either very cheap or free.

With that, many tech companies are also making Joy Pad or Joy Stick for the Android Smartphones. Well, that will also make the gaming experience better. I mean it will give you a feel of console and PC gaming. At a much cheaper rate, you get many games and a gadget that do most of your work.


I know many of you still wondering that what about the small screen. Well, that’s a good question. I mean whatever perks are coming with the Mobile gaming still it has a small screen.


Well, I also asked that same question and I got an answer. The thing those people told me was VR Goggles. And yes, that was the answer. I mean the Virtual Reality goggles made our small size phone to a large plasma size television. Well, that be the answer to those people who hates the small screen. More to that, the VR goggles experience is quite good. I mean, I have tested it and I enjoyed it a lot.

So my final answer is, yes Mobile is definitely capable of replacing obsolete gaming techniques and be the future of gaming.

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