Can Content Delivery Network speed up website. I really got this question several times. So in this article I am telling about CDN and their working.

I can imagine you have got some questions like :

 1. What the hell is Content Delivery Network (CDN) ?

2. How Content Delivery Network (CDN) works ?

3. What does it have for my website ?

4. Is it free or do I have to paid for it ?

5. Do I have to care about the speed of the website ?

So let’s start with the most basic question :

What is Content Delivery network and how it will speed up website ?

CDN is an acronym used for content delivery network. it is the network of many services which are located on different places in the world .

They deliver static content of your website to users according to their geographical location.

If you are confused then don’t worry I will simplified the statement above.

The website or blog we run uses the client server architecture. Where the client is the computer which the user use to access the website. And the server is the computer in which all the data of the website is stored.

So when a user wants to visit your website a request will be placed on the server to deliver the data of your website to the user’s computer.

Here by server I am referring to uour web host server.

So that means every user is placing a request on your web server. Now if the traffic you are receiving is very high then there is a possibility that your server will not work consistently and which leads to increase the page loading time and may even cause server crash.

To overcome this problem we can use content delivery network.

Content Delivery Network to speed up website

Content delivery network store’s the Static content of your website and dispersed am to all the different server in the world. Where the static content includes Javascripts, CSS files or the stylesheets, Flash Content, Images etc.

So when a user visit your site the CDN will redirect it from your web server to the closest server in there location.

Let’s make it more simple by using an example. If we talk about our site it is hosted in Los Angeles. Know if a user from india access our website then it will be redirected to bus service which is closest to its location which may be in delhi or bangalore. That will decrease the load on the main web host server.

Which in return decrease the page loading time and make your website more faster and vulnerable to crashes.

Should I really speed up website ?

The answer is absolutely Yes, there are several reason for that. Google has also the website with less page loading time will get better ranking. So for first you can say it is better for SEO.

If your site take much more time to load then you will lose potential visitors or customers. Since according to a research when a user click on your website link, you got around 6 sec to grab  his attention otherwise he will gonna flew away.

What more Content Delivery Network (CDN) can do to my website ?

Don’t worry there is more from CDN. It can make a much more huge impact on your website. I have listed some advantages of it, you can read it from below :

Speed : as discussed above by using the CDN the overall speed of your website will definitely going to decrease. And by using it with the W3 Total Cache will make your website very fast.

Increases Security : CDN will also protect your site from known spammers, threats and blocked Ip. It will automatically detect the threat and will not let them accessing your website.

Save Bandwidth : By using the static content on their own server it will save your bandwidth. As i can see now on my control panel my CDN is saving around 1gb of bandwidtg per month.

Good for SEO : according to google the fast websites tends to get better rank in the search engine results. So by decreasing the page loading time you will get better results in SEO.

Data Centers Are Distributed : Since its data servers are  distributed all over the world, they will provide better consistency, better speed, better security and will vulnerable to crashes.

A better data analytic board : You can analyze that what type of  visitors you are getting, they may be real people, they may be spammers, or they can be Crawlers and bots. All the data will shown in the Analytic Board.

Now lets go to our next question.

So Content Delivery Network (CDN) is free or Not ?

Well I think you already know the answer about this, since this service is so great so it comes with a price tag on it.

But wait there is a Good News for you as well, you can have the Content Delivery Network for free from CloudFlare.

If you wanna buy the service then I suggest you should go with CloudFlare or with MaxCdn. These are the best companies for Content Delivery Network .

So that’s all on CDN to speed up website.

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