Is anyone there who got blacklisted by Akismet like me ? Hi guys, I am pretty sure if you are blogging the  you have heard of the Akismet. Yes this is the plugin which runs on almost 80℅ of the wordpress blogs.

When I started this blog , I got like 500 spam comments every day. And they were pissing me off. Since I was a newbie I didn’t put a no-follow on my outgoing links. And some of them were accepted by me.

You know some comments even brought tears to my eye “I took a full coffee mug and read your blog everyday, You are my inspiration please guide me”.

After when I came to know that they actually were spams I feel like a complete dumbass.

Then I installed the Akismet and then VOILA ! All of my problems were solved.

Akismet was doing all the thing right like protecting this blog from spammy comments but sometimes it falsely captured the original comments as well.

Which I have to despam if I checked them out.

Blacklisted By Akismet – What Happened With Me ?

Now as you know bloggers comment on other blogs for making relationship and to appreciate their work and some other bullshit. The main thing a blogger comment on other is mostly to get a backlink and some visitors as well. And in most of the cases it is better to comment on those blogs which CommentLuv Premium installed.

FYI – We also have the CommentLuv Premium 🙂

Like others I was also trying to do the same and some strange thing happened with me. I was commenting on other blog and for my surprise none of my comments were getting approved.

I thought that they are taking time to approve them. But none of them get approved.

I also noticed a strange thing that when I submit a comment but instead of giving me a message that your “comment is awaiting moderation” it took me back to the top of the page.

I thought that the problem is in my email id, so I started using a different id to comment. But still the same thing happens.

So I tested this on my own site and I noticed that when I write my blog url in the website column, then comment got it self into the spam queue.

But when I didn’t write my blog URL then the comment is not a spam.

Then I cam to know that this is all the doing of Akismet.

Now if it also happening with then you are also Blacklisted by Akismet.

I am explaining again that how to know if you are blacklisted by Akismet :

  1. None of your comments are getting approved.
  2. Instead of getting a message that your comment is in moderation you will be taken to the top of the page.
  3. Your blog or website URL is not working even in your own website.

Now what can we do correct this problem.

Now how Akismet determined which URL should be blacklisted :

Those url which are marked as spam by many users. That means if like 20-30 website put your comment into spam then there may be a chance that your URL will be blacklisted by Akismet.

Those URLs which are considered spam by the spam counters will also come to this category, and once you got the attention of Akismet then there is no place you can run.

Blacklisted By Akismet – Now how to clear your name from Akismet Blacklist:

There is only one way you can regain your website or blogs reputation back. It is by contacting the Akismet team. I also did the same, just go to their contact page and tell them your problem. It may look like the image below :

Akismet Contact -blacklisted by akismet

The best thing about them is they are very much supportive and will fix your problem as soon as possible.

When I have to do this, I go to their contact page and told them my problem. It says that they may take 1 week for replying. But in my case my problem was solved in just one day.

The below is my message and their reply I got :

blacklisted by Akismet

And after that I got off from their blacklisted list. If you are facing the same issue then do the same, contact Akismet. There contact team is very good and they will solve your problem in no time.

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