Hi Guys, I guess you all heard about the Bhopal Gas accident which is the world’s worst industrial disaster till now. All of us know a little about it that a poisonous gas was leaked out of the factory and kill thousands of people living in the area. But none of us truly know that why the factory was situated at the heart of Bhopal, why no one try to shut it down if it was dangerous and why no one protested to shut down this company.

Keeping all that in mind Director Ravi Kumar has brought us their complete story in scenes of “Bhopal – A Prayer For Rain“. Its title “A Prayer For Rain” do look like a misnomer but its not and I learnt that when I watch the movie. I must say the tragedy was brutal but this movie is telling their complete story that why it was brutal and how it can be ignored but it still happened.

Thanks to the folks at IndiBlogger and Bhopal Movie I got to watch the movie two days prior to its release. And here I am writing my views on what I saw and how it feel.

Bhopal – A Prayer For Rain Review

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Plot of Bhopal A Prayer For Rain :

Around ten years ago from starting time line of the movie a corporation named as “Union Carbide” put its steps on Bhopal. May be there was nothing at that time, but now (starting of the movie) there are thousands of people living around that factory. The Union Carbide basically produces pesticide for farmers and also provides jobs to the local people. When poor but hard working persons put see the profit in the Corporation, they joined it. But they didn’t know that they are making an axe with which they are going to cut their own head.

[themify_quote]They Forget that sometimes Devil also look like as a Gentleman.[/themify_quote]

Bhopal A Prayer For Rain – Characters :

Bhopal A Prayer For RainThe complete story revolve around Dilip played by Rajpal Yadav who is one of the main character in the movie and is a hard working Rickshaw Driver. He is very poor and doesn’t have enough money to feed his family. By a chance he got the work at “Union Carbide” and got the good salary through which he can feed his family and can arrange marry for her sister. But still the constant fear of death and other things frightened him but he still thinks about his family and do the things.

Rajpal Yadav has played this character very beautifully. I must say he just showed how good he is as an actor. Instead of doing any comedy he is now doing a serious role and playing it so beautifully, even that’s the things that will made you watch the movie.

So my question, will Dilip’s Sister will get married and will Dilip survived the Gas leak for that you have to watch the movie by your self 🙂 .

Tannishtha Chatterjee who is playing the character of  Dilip (Rajpal Yadav) wife in the movie. I already knew that she is an awesome actress by seeing her acting in Gulab Gang where she was a village girl. This time the plot was almost the same, she has to act as a typical village girl who wants the happiness of her family and promotion of her husband. She supports Dilip every time and in his every decision and even Dilip can’t say no to her in any case.

Kal Penn, I really love his acting from the Kumar and Harold Series and How I met Your Mother Season 7. Here as well he gives a great outcome while doing a totally different role. Although first it seems a little awkward watching Kal Penn talking in Hindi with an Indian accent. He is playing the role of “Motwani” a local journalist who is trying to shut down the Union Carbide and help the people to understand the harms it can. Riding his scooter and collecting all the news he can publish was awesome. I mean he is working hard to get a single news from any source but still people didn’t believed but he never lose hope.

Mischa Barton played the character of “Eva Gascon” which was also a journalist. She came for a brief moment in the movie for some interview but her arrival will bring a new hope for Motwani and also encouraged him to still go against the Union Carbide.

Martin Sheen plays the character of Warren Anderson who was the chairman of Union Carbide. If you don’t know him than you didn’t watch enough good movies till now. He is a Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award Winner and he is also the father of “Charlie Sheen“. He is a marvelous actor and got a killer style. I mean he totally fit into the character.

Warren Anderson was the chairman and he wants only one thing with the Union Carbide which is Profit. Which it wasn’t giving him, so some steps were taken to reduce the cost of the maintenance and that give us the ultimate penalty. Although may be he didn’t want this but it still happened under his nose.

The movie completely states what was the factor which lead to this horrific event and what were the measured by which it can be prevented, but it wasn’t. Mastery over the character and the environment making this movie so great.  So according to me this movie is really worth to watch.

Please have a look at their trailer as well :

That’s all for Bhopal – A prayer For Rain. Go see Your self I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

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