Small business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and independent contractors live in a competitive world, where every second counts and decisions are made by those who show up. They have to get the most out of their days, stay focused and productive no matter what. The whole business depends on their management skills, their ability to set and meet deadlines and, in order to successfully accomplish these tasks, they will take any help that they can get.

And what’s a better helper in today’s hectic business environment than the ubiquitous smartphone? Together with tablets and notebooks, these modern devices have become increasingly important for busy entrepreneurs. Most managers consider their smartphones as their most trustworthy personal assistants. This is mainly because these mobile devices can be customized with a huge variety of powerful apps which can help their business run more smoothly and grow faster than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the best business, organization and productivity apps that every manager should have on their smartphones:

1. Evernote

Evernote is the app that won’t let you forget anything. Be it an important meeting, private discussion, deadline or business dinner, Evernote will be your trusted partner who will never let you down. The app has a variety of powerful features, allowing users to organize, store and share text, photos, audio files, and drawings, keeping track of all of their fabulous ideas. As the developer puts it, Evernote is everything that a business manager could ever want: it works as an excellent reminder, meticulous organizer and an effective communicator. Simply put, a perfect tool for any entrepreneur out there.

2. Tripit

Business trips can become really chaotic and time-consuming – there are a lot of things that can go wrong and wreck your entire schedule: the rent-a-car company forgot about your order, your flight connection was canceled or the hotel lost your room reservation. Although uncommon, these mishaps happen and Tripit is the new app that helps you avoid any inconveniences during business trips. You’ll be able to keep track of your trip arrangements on a single unified platform. Features include maps, weather updates, traffic directions, and many other special tools that will make traveling a breeze.

3. LocalVox

LocalVox is a fantastic tool designed to boost your online marketing presence and create a powerful brand for your company. It is specifically laid out to help traditional brick and mortar businesses create, publish and share news, events and other special announcements. Users can publish their news across multiple channels, including social media, local directories, newspapers or media outlets, websites and e-mail newsletters. LocalVox is also able to optimize the organic search results with Google Places listings.

4. Bump

With more than 27 million downloads in just two years, Bump has changed the way we think about the traditional business card. Not long ago, business owners or entrepreneurs had to share their business cards to their clients or associates, a time consuming and uncomfortable task for many. Bump changed all of that, allowing its users to trade contact information, files, photos, and other data by simply “bumping” their mobile devices together. This ingenious app helps business people and entrepreneur connect and further expand their companies.

5. FileCenter

File management is extremely important for all businesses, and having a powerful tool to help you will increase productivity and work efficiency. Lucion’s FileCenter Pro is a groundbreaking document management software which allows you to categorize, tag and file electronic data. It is easy to install and integrates into your daily office processes and helps you transfer files into a specialized library where you can create your own filing system. Backup and real-time cloud storage are other important features that come with the latest FileCenter Pro app.


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