Hello Everyone, Today I am gonna tell you about the best free 2D Animation Software available on the internet.

Animation, I don’t think you are not aware of this word. This is the thing that make us laugh when we were kids and taught us many difficult things with an ease. Now if you are confused with this statement then remember the cartoon sequence of the Jurassic Park when it the DNA shows how the Dinosaurs are made.

Those things are pretty interesting and it could help you too. It won’t be a matter which type of service you are providing or on what type of articles you are writing. It can help your readers to show what do you mean, but it take some time to create some of them.

Well, I am here to cut that time to create an animation by providing you the info of about the tool you should use to create a 2D animation. That’s why I thought I should write this article about the best free 2D animation software.

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Best Free 2D Animation Software


Synfig Studio - Best Free 2D Animation Software

Synfig Studio is free but has all the features of a premium tool. It has powerful animations and tools that can make your animation more look alike. With that tool, you can create animation much more similar to what we watch on our television.

Along with that Synfig also supports many types of transformation and distortion. It is different from pure SVG – Based softwares which are the most animation programs, Synfig has a full support of gradient paths.

You can also extend its capability by providing extensions to it. Such as Stickman Merge Tool, with that you can create advanced animation in an easy manner. It also has a large number of geometric, filters, and gradients. Having so many things and still free making it one of the best free 2D Animation software.

Synfig Studio is an open source software and it is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

2. TUPI Animation

Tupi - Best Free 2D Animation Software

Tupi is a great work of Gustav Gonzalez who is a Computer Scientist from Colombia. In 2010, he decided to create a free software for animation and then after a great effort, he created Tupi. So basically it is a very Easy 2D Animation Software.

So, basically Tupi is a free 2D animation software that helps the user to create awesome animation with a very less effort. The best thing about Tupi is, that it combined the traditional frame by frame technique with tweening. Since it is too easy to use Tupi so an amateur like me can also create some funny animation as well.

If we talk about its features then it got lots of things. Such as the basic things which contain pencil, brush etc to the advanced things such as Tweening tools which position, rotation, scaling etc. It also gives you the feature to export your file into a different format such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc.

Currently, Tupi is only available for Linux.


Scratch - Best Free 2D Animation Software

Scratch is more than a 2D animation software, it’s more of an educating software. With that, children can learn a lot by seeing the animation. You can also create an animation easily with the Scratch.

Scratch is an online tool which has premade function and some premade layouts. There are objects in there which are known as “Sprites” and you can manipulate them by using the premade functions.

It also has the feature of choosing the sound for the animation and you can add your voice as well. With using Sprites you can easily create an animation story in just an hour. It is so easy to use and it is free as well making it one of the best free 2D animation software.



Pencil is a free 2D animation tool, in which you can create hand drawn image and can animate them as well. The application uses a bitmap and a vector drawing interface to create 2D animation. It is an Open Source Animation Software.

There are many things you can do with it and it has many features as well. Such as it gives you the option to select the background and manually import it. You can copy paste the frames for the new image. You can also add your voice audio and can export the file into many different formats.

Pencil is cross platform software and it is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

5. PowToon


PowToon is an extremely useful animation software. It can be used to create animation for website owners or small business owners. Since its an online tool and mostly consists of clicking and dragging, hence it is very easy to use.

If you are a blogger or providing some sort of service than this tool might come in handy. It has a great library of premade layouts and videos. You just have to edit the premade and Ta-da you got your animated video.

It also has the feature to direct upload to youtube. You can easily animate your slides or presentation with it as well. It is a good 2D Animation Programs and you can use it very easily.

PowToon is available in three plans in which one of them is free and the rest two are paid. Still the free plans have many features which can serve us well.

Since its an online tool so it is available on all the platform such Windows, Mac, and Linux.

So, that’s all on best free 2D Animation Software.

If you know any other “best free 2D animation software” then please let me know through the comments.

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