Hi guys, today I am gonna tell you about the 10 Best Android Apps for Bloggers. When I started blogging, I wasn’t much fond of apps that should I use for blogging. But now as I dive further into it all I can say is, that these apps are must.

All these apps have different purpose and all of them will help you to understand your readers, build greater content, learning more, and getting more traffic. So in my opinion these are the Best Blogging Apps on Android.

All of these apps are chosen by me, so that’s not mandatory that you must have all of them. Although it would be good if you have them but that’s all your choice, anyways without wasting any more time lets start our list and these are all Free Blog Apps.

10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

1. WordPress : The most Famous CMS

Wordpress App

Isn’t that obvious this is an app specially useful for those which are using wordpress, either on wordpress.org or on self hosted wordpress. You can view all of your content of the website from this app. WordPress app also support auto save, means if by chance your phone crashes or you closed the app, then your work will not going to be wasted.

From this app you can approve, disapprove and reply to comments. And if you have a multi author blog then you can also check the status of the new post.

Since it sync from the hosted server so you can complete your work anywhere. Like I do when I am out of the reach of my computer I use this to give it a sight and then completed my post when I got home.

It is a little bit complex to write new post in it, like you will not get the above bar and to give heading you have to use the html tags and some other things.

And what I like the most is whenever I got some idea about my post I starts writing about it on this app. Now if there is no internet at that time in your phone it will keep the written data as “Local Draft” and when you connect your phone to internet the Local Draft will be posted to the hosted WordPress. So that’s First out of 10 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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2. Twitter : Social as well as helpful

2nd  of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

This is the app I can’t blog without. I must say when I started blogging I didn’t give it a thought. But when I dive into it and install the twitter app I must say that you should have this. If you think you are not social enough to use this then forget that thing, cause I am also like that. But beside connecting you with millions of people it will give you your daily dose of news, events, updates, stories etc.

So for example if you having a blog about Celebrities then you can follow them and you will got to what is going on in their life.

Or have another example, you are tech blogger like me then you can follow, well there are many accounts and I think I need a new post for that. But I think you got my point.

So lets sort it out what are the benefits of using Twitter :

  1. It will help you to build your online presence
  2. It will give you latest info about the market
  3. It will give you update about the upcoming things
  4. It will keep you updated about the blog you are following

Believe when you got a new follower or someone tag your name it will feel good, that makes this the 2nd of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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3. Blogger App : Another Mostly used CMS

3rd of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

This is for those who are using Blogger as their CMS(Content Management System). This is a great app and it is developed by Google, well that explains why it is great.

First of all to use android you have to sign in using your Google account. Then to sign in to Blogger you don’t have to fill any other form, just touch a button and that’s it.

If you have multiple accounts or blogs then you can also easily switch between them. You can use the images from your gallery or from the drive as well. And it will also add a share to Blogger button in the Sharing menu.

With just one touch you can also share your location. And you can publish, edit or draft a post and change that later.

So its a great app and specially when you are not getting time to update your blog. You can use this and write a post in the free time you get through out the day.

So its a great app and got almost everything such as WordPress this makes it the 3rd of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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4. Buffer App : The social Sharing App

4th of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

You have to share your news with the world using the Social Media. And in this time we have to be active on all the major social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin etc.

So it is difficult to manage them differently. Instead of that you can use the buffer app. The most useful app for me, with this I can share anything I want in just one click and it will be on all of my social media pages.

Not only that I am also able to see my Social analytics with the help of Buffer App. It can tell me what is the potential of my post, how many times it is viewed and how many clicks it get.

I can also schedule my Social Media post with the help of Buffer App as well. Just use that for 15 minutes to schedule your post and the subscriber will notice you as your post will be appearing in their timeline for the whole day.

So if my counting is good this is the 4th of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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5. Evernote : Best app to take notes

5th of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

Don’t know about you but I can’t just sit on my computer and start writing a new post. So most of the time I am always thinking about what to post on TechnoCR. So when an idea came into my mind I have to write it some where. Cause I forget things very fast.

So, to over come that problem I always use this app, i.e. Evernote the best app for taking notes and reminders.

In Evernote you can create as much notes you want, you can sort them with Tags, or with different Diaries. With this app you can also take voice notes. Means just say what is the idea you are having. It can also take notes in the form of pictures. So if you find a picture that you think will be best for your post, then add this picture to the Evernote and that’s it.

The best part is still not over, there is also an app for Desktop of Evernote as well. And all the data in both the app will remain synced. So the notes you are taking in your phone will automatically uploaded to your desktop as well. Isn’t that great that’s why I put it into the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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6. Pinterest : The worlds greatest collection of Favorite things.

6th of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers

As you know in the previous years the Pinterest has emerged as a Giant Social Media Sharing Site. Launched 4 years ago and now having traffic greater than Google+ and Linkedin and an Alexa Rank of 26.

So if you are creating infographics like me, as you can see in my several other post then this app is must for you. With this you can follow new boards get the pins you want and can grow your influence over Pinterest.

This is much required to drive traffic from Pinterest although according to Mashable Pinterest is giving a very small amount of traffic to its users. But other than the traffic it would be good if we are appreciated for our work. So go now and share your infographic with this which makes it 6 of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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7. Writer: A better Word Processor app

Writer App

As I told you above the WordPress and Blogger app, write processor is a little bit complex. To overcome that you can use the Writer app, must say this is a wonderful for writing post in your android device.

Although I can’t say it’s true but I have heard that’s it is not good for tablets. But still you can try this and can tell me whether its true or not.

You can write in it without any distraction other than the traditional word processor.

The size of this app is very small and all the save documents will be save into your SD card. There philosophy is to keep the writers work as simple as possible so this app is very easy to use. It is easy to use hence worthy for 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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8. FlipBoard – Create your own Personal Magazine

Flipboard App

Like me you are also following some of the blogs, news and other things. So it is difficult to know what is the new thing is coming to a particular site. And we have to check them out manually to see the latest post.

But with the Filpboard app all of your problems can be solved by Flipboard. I hear about this app a week ago and I am in love with this now.

So what Flipboard is do is, it fetches new articles from sites such as BBC, TechCrunch, The New York Times, The Times Of India etc. or from the sites you will list them into.

The days are over when you have to check each site to see what’s new is going on. It has a pretty clear design and it is very easy to use.

So you can create your magazine with awesome articles and then you can share it as well. You can share it on your blog to show how awesome you are and can grow your readership. Its all win win in this case that’s why it gained it spot in 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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9. Pocket : Previously known as Read It Later

Pocket App

How many times it happens to you that you were reading an article and something came up and you have to leave it. After that you got the time but no internet connectivity to read the same article. Well it happens to me many times.

As the previous name suggest which is “Read It Later”  means it was meant to save your articles and read them later.

What Pocket does is, it keeps a copy of the article into your phone and when you got the time you can read that article without needing an internet connection.

Although for videos it only keeps their link as they are heavy to download and it got a desktop as well. And all the articles in the app remain sync so if you save the article into your desktop you can read it in your phone as well.

You will surprised to know that Flipboard and Twitter both the app uses the Pocket API to maintain their functioning. Which makes it as the 9th of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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10. Facebook Page Manager : Be the admin from your mobile:

Facebook Page Manager

If you are blogging then you must have a facebook page if not read why a facebook page is necessary. So to check out your info of the page and post new content we got Facebook Page Manager.

This is the official app by Facebook to handle your Facebook page directly from your android device.

This app allows admin to post new messages, view insights of the page, boost a post, reply to the incoming messages and much more.

Now you will say that this work can also be done by Buffer then that will be wrong. Since Buffer App can only share content and that’s it, it can’t do any further things.

To do all the above mentioned functions you need to have this app. Which is why it is placed in the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

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So that’s the end of the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers.

If I have miss any app in the 10 Best Android Apps For Bloggers then please share it in the comments.

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