Hi guys this thing is trending everywhere, just a week ago batista returns after a long time and what we hear now batista wins royal rumble 2014.

Batista Wins Royal Rumble 2014

It not going to be a good news for most of the wrestling fans but what can we say. Batista wins royal rumble and now he is heading to wrestlemania 30. It is Batista’s second royal rumble win. He once won the royal rumble in 2005 when the match was restarted because he and John Cena both hit the floor at the same time. But the outcome was Batista šŸ™ . This time John Cena was not involved in the classic 30 man elimination royal rumble event instead of that he was having a match with Randy Orton but unfortunately he lost.

Well there was some other matches was also present but the whole attention is focused on Batista at the moment.Ā Still, it is sometimes easy to forget there is plenty of action to be sandwiched in between now and the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Batista Wins Royal Rumble 2014

In my opinion the Batista will now focus on Randy Orton and will awake the rivalry between them to take down the champion. Well its not new, as we have seen in the past batista and randy orton’s rivalry was unforgettable but now a lot has been changed.

With Bray Wyatt seemingly entering a rivalry with JohnĀ Cena, it means Batista is likely to be the guy who steps up and feuds with Orton on a consistent basis heading towards WrestleMania. However, Bray Wyatt moving into a new rivalry does open the door for someone else to enter the fray, too.

Batista also has an advantage that he doesn’t have to fight in the upcoming WWE pay per view elimination chamber which is in my view is most brutal. If in that pay per view Randy orton loses his title than batista still have the chance to challenge the current champion for the championship in the Wrestlemania 30.

But since Brock lesnar is also in his way for the title and he also defeated the Big Show in the Royal Rumble so he can be think of the man that will change the direction of the current story.

I feel bad John Cena as I am also a fan of Cena šŸ™‚ but I am fan of Randy Orton too. So there is no idea of what will happen to John Cena in the coming pay per view.

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